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The United Nations day at WASS is a chance for all WASSers to be educated about equal rights conditions around the world. It is also an opportunity to raise student awareness and allow students to reflect upon their own ideas and opinions about how to develop society equally. Let’s read the messages from our students about future equality.

Social equality is the circumstance in which all people or all groups have the same status. It includes special aspects such as free speech, rights of ownership and equality. Building social equality requires all nations and members to understand the value of equality and the consequences of inequality in our communities.

Life can be difficult and is not always fair. We cannot be indifferent to every injustice and see it as an inevitable part of life. However, we must fight in some ways so as not to hurt ourselves and those around us. We must always be brave and resilient to confront all difficulties and challenges in life. Only then will we easily achieve our goals and lead fulfilling lives.

Each of us at WASS are always fair to the people around us and the nations of the world need fairness, equality, cooperation and mutual assistance so that life on this Earth can be beautiful and happy.

Nguyen Ngoc Bang Lang – 10C


To me, an equal world is the place where each nation will be equal in all aspects, they will live together, cooperate, and there is no violence, intimidation and competition. Most importantly, all countries will have their own sovereignty and their own independence.

Vietnam is an independent country which has sovereignty. Vietnam’s national sovereignty is shown in all fields. Sovereignty protection is the implementation of the activities related to politics, culture, economy, security and defence to make sure sovereignty is integrated completely in all aspects of the national territory.

Young generations, who hold the life and the future of a country, should contribute to the responsibility of national sovereignty. So, we should protect the independence and freedom of Vietnamese together, to ensure a more equal, fair and beautiful world.

 Nguyen Vu Thanh Le Grade – 10C


Each person should have the right to live equally and freely. It doesn’t matter if you are a king or a beggar, old or young,  you should have equal rights.

Students should be aware of the fact that their generation will be the future of the country: the core of the country. Equal rights awareness is necessary to protect our sovereignty justly.

As a student, I think I need to take a few practical actions to protect the equal rights of individuals and people around me. Respecting others, respecting their inherent nature without discrimination, no matter who they are. That’s what I think I can do to protect equality. Each person is an individual with a different identity: they have the rights to protect that identity.

Let us speak together and act for an equal world.

Dang Thi Thao Hien – Grade 11B





A word used by many, fully understood by none. This is not because the word itself is too difficult to understand, but because with every mention of it, a new meaning is implied.

In modern day society, it is no exaggeration to say that equality is one of the most popular topics of discussion. Social equality, racial equality, and of equal importance, gender equality. This piece of writing discusses the issue of gender equality.

In previous centuries, where there were neither houses nor electricity, where we lived in caves and hunted wild animals for food, men and women were considered equal. In those hunter-gatherer societies, they performed different tasks. Men would, more often than not, be the one out on the field hunting, while women stayed behind to tend for the agriculture as well as bearing and taking care of children. It was from here that the role of men and women in society became cemented into cultures and became the basis for future generations.

Moving forward to a more advanced age: The Industrial Revolution, the exploitation of women slowly became more apparent. Men went to work, came home, made money and became established as the head of the household. Women were expected to tend for children, clean the house and buy groceries, clean the dishes, prepare meals, and so on. These types of housework are considered to be inferior and devaluing to a man. The children would then grow up to see this status hierarchy in society and pass on the same behavior onto the future generations, which became a vicious cycle.

During the 1920’s, something happened. The Nineteenth Amendment was passed and, along with it, women now had the right to vote. It was almost a revolutionary moment for United States of America as a country and the world as a whole. It marked change. Although slow to use their newly won voting rights, by the end of the decade women were represented on local, state, and national political committees and were influencing the political agenda of the federal government. More emphasis began to be put on social improvement, such as protective laws for child labor and prison reform. Women, who were active in politics in 1929, still had little power, but they had begun the journey to equality.

Now moving forward to 2019, things have moved on from where we started. The word “women” no longer just refers to people who stay at home and do housework. It represents a change. All around the world, women, who were once oppressed, are fighting for their own rights in various ways and forms. This uprising is a role-reversal, or to be more accurate, a role-rebalancing.

This era has seen a lot of significant changes regarding gender equality. Let us move forward into a brighter future and forget the dark past that we have created.

This is just the beginning.

Khoa / Julie – ADP11

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