Student Council at WASS in 2024: Talented – Enthusiastic – Confident

Promising to bring a “new breeze” to academic programs and extracurricular activities, the Student Council at WASS in 2024 – the “faces” representing the voice of all WASSers – has served as the bridge between students and the School, contributing to building a dynamic, friendly, and exciting learning environment.

The Student Council in 2024 is made up of outstanding WASSers who are confident and passionate about creating an ever-better WASS community.

The special positions of the Student Council at WASS include:

  • President: Nguyen Hoang Nam Phuong (Ruby) – BWA-12B
  • Vice President: Do Phung Anh Thu (Julie) – WACE11
  • PR Officer: Vo Thanh Minh (Tommy) – BWA-11A

To become the bright “star” leaders of the Student Council, they went through a tough competition with many different challenging rounds, requiring them to demonstrate their individual qualities and skills. While the Selection Round was where students showed their personalities, the Election Round was where they called for the support of their friends and teachers, and the Interview Round was the important “gateway” for them to demonstrate their outstanding capabilities and visionary thinking before the Board of Principals.

After going through the challenging journey, the Vice President of the Student Council – Do Phung Anh Thu from the WACE 11 Class shared that, “One of the challenges in the process of running for a position in the Student Council was the competition in the Election Round. Running for a leadership position required confidence in expressing myself and presenting my ideas and vision before the Board of Principals, especially when competing against other qualified WASSers.”

Being chosen as the new Vice President of the Student Council was a truly special experience that filled me with a sense of pride, gratitude, and determination. I am ready to take on the challenges and opportunities that come with this leadership position. In addition, I am eager to see the positive changes WASS Student Council Gen 2 can make together.”

Public Relations Officer – Vo Thanh Minh from the BWA-11A Class shared, “The journey to this position has been both challenging and rewarding. I underwent a rigorous process, including multiple rounds of Elections and an intense Interview.  Therefore, I am grateful to have been given this opportunity.

Moving forward, I humbly request the continued support of my fellow students and teachers. Together, we can create a vibrant and engaging environment within the WASS community.”

Furthermore, with their enthusiasm, dedication, and high ideals, they also aspired to bring positive values to the entire WASS community in 2024, as shared by the Student Council President – Nguyen Hoang Nam Phuong from the BWA-12B Class, “As a student who shares the same experience as other WASSers, I can confidently affirm that I and the members of the Student Council truly know our fellow students. For this reason, we promise to bring the WASSers an unforgettable academic year. Of course, I am excited to get started on them right away.”

The experiences on the journey to becoming talented “leaders” of the Student Council in 2024 have definitely provided the students with a great opportunity to accumulate many valuable lessons, break through limits, improve their leadership skills, as well as have many more memorable moments in their student life. WASS believes that, with the dedication and energy of youth, they will become an important “piece of the puzzle” to help the WASS community become increasingly strong, dynamic, and united.

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