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Our leadership team is highly dedicated, enthusiastic, experienced, and qualified in both teaching and educational management.

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Mr. Mark Ferrara
Program Advisor

Mark Ferrara is the Educational Director at William Penn Academy. Mr. Ferrara has been named American for the Competitive Enterprise System Educator of the Year (2014) for his commitment to economic education while he was Superintendent at Greenville Area High School. In 2018, while under Mr. Ferrara’s leadership, Greenville Area School District was one of (4) school districts in the Commonwealth to be named a BLUE RIBBON SCHOOL DISTRICT. He worked with building principals and teachers district-wide to regularly review and update the scope and sequence of the K-12 curriculum. He chaired the district Curriculum Committee with staff, students, school board representatives, and community members and oversaw textbook selections to align with the K-12 curriculum. Mr. Ferrara was the district representative for local, statewide, and national workshops and seminars on curriculum development. Combining all of this experience and expertise with his dedication to education, he wants to bring this same level of excellence to William Penn Academy!!!

Mr. Ferrara spent seven years as superintendent of Sharpsville Area School District and four years as Director of Curriculum in Neshannock School District in Lawrence County. While at Neshannock, Ferrara began his relationship with Pennsylvania Business Week and ACES. With the importance of economic education in mind, Ferrara introduced the Pennsylvania Business Week program to all three districts.

Mr. Ferrara, a father of five, also initiated bullying-prevention programs in Sharpsville, launched Adopt-A-School, Classroom Plus, California University in the High School programs, and chaired Neshannock’s Curriculum Advisory Committee. Not only has Mr. Ferrara held the Superintendent roles at Greenville and Sharpsville School Districts, he has also been a Principal and teacher, dedicating his career to impacting the many students' lives that he has been privileged to lead. Mr. Ferrara has a passion for providing students with a safe learning environment where they can succeed, given the essential tools for success. He will continue his passion as the Educational Director at William Penn Academy and oversee the curriculum development to ensure students are receiving a rigorous education to meet the unique challenges in today's society.

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