Journey of Growth for WASSers at TEDxYouth@WASS 2023 – 2024

After nearly three months of exciting competition, the TEDxYouth@WASS 2023 – 2024 competition organized by the Western Australian International School System (WASS) has officially concluded with many interesting experiences and unforgettable memories. This competition was not only a useful playground for students to “gather” knowledge, “polish” skills and “sow” creative ideas, but also a meaningful journey of growth.

With themes revolving around sustainable development, integration, and technology, the TEDxYouth@WASS 2023 – 2024 competition welcomed the participation of over 80 WASSers from different year levels. Students brought creative ideas and inspiring stories from new perspectives.

On the journey to “master” this useful playground, WASSers went through many challenging rounds, from the School Round with a presentation in front of the Jury to the Final Round where they shone on stage with emotional, inspiring, and personal speeches that won the hearts of their teachers, families, and friends.

Above all, with their confidence and unique ideas, the 9 talented “speakers” have successfully made their mark on the Final Round of the TEDxYouth@WASS 2023 – 2024 competition. 

These talented WASSers are:

  • Primary School Board: Nguyen Tien Hung, Do Dang Minh Tri, and Le Phuong Nghi
  • Secondary School Board: Phan Nhat Huy, Tran Hoang Vinh Thuan, and Tran Ngoc Minh Dang
  • High School Board: Nguyen Kesia Nhu Quynh, Nguyen Truong Thanh Hy, and Tran Nam Anh

The TEDxYouth@WASS 2023 – 2024 competition is a meaningful academic playground that encourages students to share valuable ideas and participate in lively discussions. Inspired by the success of TEDx Talks events around the world, the competition provides a platform for students to express themselves, inspire others, and make a positive impact on society.

Through each round, WASSers had a great opportunity to “unlock” a treasure trove of knowledge and promote important skills, especially stepping out of their comfort zone and representing the young generation with confidence as they speak up their voices and perspectives on global issues, contributing to a better world.

Attending the Final Round, many Parents have expressed their respect and appreciation for this useful playground, where students are encouraged to explore, learn, create, and develop themselves; from there, they become talented individuals, confident, dare to think, dare to do, and ready to pursue their passions.

Although the TEDxYouth@WASS 2023 – 2024 journey has come to an end, the valuable lessons and experiences that the competition has brought will always be the luggage for WASSers on the learning journey ahead and, at the same time, serve as inspiration to generations of WASSers to confidently shine and create a bright future.

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