Impressive Activities of the WASS Community

Numerous exciting events and learning activities took place at the end of January and February 2024, enhancing the learning spirit, creativity, and constant innovation of WASS.

Every day at WASS is a day filled with joy and countless memorable moments. Recently, WASSers have achieved remarkable successes in the TEDxYouth@WASS 2023-2024 competition, gaining valuable practical experiences during the Field Trip to Dragon Farm and participating in various other exciting activities.

Let’s take a look together at some impressive activities in February 2024!

1. WASSers Confidently Raised Their Voices at the TEDxYouth@WASS 2023-2024 Competition

After the success of previous years, the TEDxYouth@WASS competition has officially returned. This is a meaningful “playground,” providing opportunities for WASSers to represent the younger generation and voice their opinions on interesting and relevant issues, thereby inspiring those around them.

Topics of the TEDxYouth@WASS 2023 – 2024 competition include:

  • The Future of Sustainable Living 
  • Empowering Youth Through Technology 
  • Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

More than 80 WASSers from Year 12 officially entered the School Round, which took place from January 22 to 26, 2024. With a confident demeanor and thorough preparation in building knowledge along with convincing and well-structured arguments, the top 9 WASSers in the Primary Board, Secondary Board, and High School Board have successfully impressed the Judges and will be advancing to the anticipated Final Round scheduled for March 19, 2024.

The West Australian community is looking forward to the creative ideas and outstanding presentations from WASSers at the TEDxYouth@WASS 2023-2024 Final Round.

2. The Rustic Nature of the Southwestern Region Welcomed Young WASSers 

Over the course of three days, from January 29 to 31, 2024, Primary School WASSers embarked on a Field Trip with the theme “Farm Adventures: Discovering Nature’s Wonders!” at the Dragon Farm Ecotourism Area.

At Dragon Farm, WASSers immersed themselves in the refreshing greenery of the farmland, transforming into little farmers and engaging in various exciting activities such as planting vegetables, sowing rice, cultivating mushrooms, growing flowers, digging potatoes, catching fish in channels, shaping pottery on the wheel, molding clay, and participating in traditional folk games.

Learning through real-life excursions seems to have become a “soul-enriching experience” indispensable to the West Australian community. The trip to Dragon Farm was not only an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the lush nature and enjoy free play but also a journey of exploration into the customs, traditions, culture, and cuisine of the Southwestern region. This, in turn, has helped enrich the experiences and knowledge of WASSers.

3. The Experience Day “Tech Wonders: Play, Learn, Explore!”  Has Helped Parents Solve Their Worries About Finding a Kindergarten for Their Children

Continuing the series of Experience Days for Parents interested in the learning environment at WASS in general and specifically at WASS Kindergarten, on February 24, 2024, WASS Kindergarten organized an Open Day with the theme “Tech Wonders: Play, Learn, Explore!”.

The event garnered the interest of a large number of Parents and students eager to gather useful information and experience the learning environment at WASS Kindergarten with their children. During the Open Day, Parents and students toured the facilities, learned about the innovative technology-integrated educational curriculum designed specifically for the preschool age group, and explored the educational journey spanning all year levels at WASS.

The little participants in the event got to explore the future world through highly engaging technology experiential activities such as piloting drones, experiencing Augmented Reality (AR) technology, showcasing creativity in programming and controlling robots, unleashing their artistic talents with 3D printers and drawing pens, and building a futuristic city with magnetic building blocks..

In addition, they also underwent an entrance exam, participated in Demo classes, experienced diverse functional classrooms, enjoyed various enriching activities, and received charming gifts.

A vibrant and diverse learning journey awaits the little ones at WASS Kindergarten. The School hopes to accompany them in the academic year 2024 – 2025.

Alongside the aforementioned activities, WASS has organized events like the Spring Festival 2024, receiving spring gifts after the Lunar New Year holiday. These initiatives aimed to boost the students’ spirits, promote wholehearted enjoyment, and foster their continual development.

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