Teaching children about unity and equality in today society

As people who are mission with educating the future of the country, we must learn how to educate students about unity, respect and love of the difference of each individual in a community, especially in today’s society, when one mouse click, one touch of your hand can change someone else’s life and future?

The nature of society is different. Each individual who grows up is already a separate, unmixed, repeatable individual. The students who grow up under the roof of WASS are also unique. Each individual at WASS is a separate individual, with a completely different mind and ways of thinking.

Education in the Western Australian International School System through a mission statement, vision, core values is to ensure that children have the opportunity to be protected and participate in learning activities, thereby expressing their perspectives, promote their outstanding ego.

As the network and communications grow rapidly, students have complete control over the information they receive, and the education of unity and respect for differences becomes even more difficult. The phrases “cyberbullying” “social bullying” have started to appear and leave serious consequences when the student chooses a selfish lifestyle, stigmatizing someone’s because of their differences in appearance, personality or lifestyle. Without any physical conflicts, children can still make a person feel bad because of their differences with just a mouse click or a touch of the screen. The words are very gentle to the children, but to the receiver, it is the hurt that is hard to heal. As educators, it is our duty to direct the students towards accepting to be different, to be sociable and to love others. Acceptance does not mean that you lose yourself, but that you become more mature.

At the Western Australian International School System, our teachers are always working with students to ensure that the WASS community has the necessary foundations for a better future for everybody, especially our students. In the class, students are empowered and oriented to become the leaders, and simultaneously to be aware of their voices and actions inspiring lasting changes. Giving them freedom in an openminded environment, freely choosing their ways to live, how to grow is also showing them ways to respect the differences from their peers.

On the road to maturity for our students, mistakes will always occur. We, educators at the Western Australian International School System, are always ready for the mission to direct and orient them to do the right thing. We hope that under the roof of WASS, students will always unite, respect and love for all people and become future leaders in a constantly changing world.


Bronwyn Wilson

Vice-principal of Primary School – WAP

Western Australian International School System

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