The journey to becoming a global citizen

In an era of globalization, the term ‘global citizens’ no longer seems to be an unusual concept. It is an aspiration and goal of many Vietnamese young people. With a world-class education offered at WASS, students are able to obtain critical knowledge, acquire important life-skills, and practice healthy lifestyles. This helps them to be prepared and grow on the way to becoming global citizens.

Fluent English Ability

Global citizens are those who understand language, culture, politics, and the lifestyle of the country they were born and grew up in. Mastering the mother tongue is the first step for children to explore the world.

The Journey to becoming a global citizen

At the Western Australian International School System, WASSers learn in an academically nurturing environment using multiple languages, English and French Vietnamese. The unique Multilingual program is designed as a balance between the curriculum of the Ministry of Education & Training of Vietnam and the School Curriculum and Standard Authority in Western Australia to help WASSers to be fluent and confident in all languages.

Debating and Team-working Skills

In order to develop these skills, WASSers are been taught from the early days of school to use teamwork, group homework, and presentations at the school and in international competitions.

The Journey to becoming a global citizen

WASSers are encouraged to participate in every lesson. This student-centered approach not only builds up active learning, inspires imagination, curiosity and creativity for WASSers; but also improves their research ability. These set a strong base for our WASSers to work with many multinational corporations as well as to be able to celebrate differences and make a better world.

Creating community and environmental awareness with global understanding.

The school has developed many extracurricular activities to create a diverse, exciting learning environment. It has created outstanding experiences for WASSers in areas such as physical and intellectual ability, especially survival skills.

 Field trips and outdoor activities create chances for WASSers to learn about the land they live on, enhance social understanding, environmental awareness, appreciate the presence and create connections with the community. These provide opportunities for WASSers to enhance their confidence and bravery as well as acquire the knowledge and step firmly on the journey towards becoming global citizens.

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WASSers are well-educated about civic responsibility.

Responsibility and morality are the most important qualities that WASSers are taught in becoming global citizens. Along with academic learning in the class, WASSers participate in activities around sustainable development of the community and contributing efforts to build a better world.

WASSers understand that positive values ​​not only bring benefits for themselves, for their families but also contribute to the development of the global community while coloring the beauty of national culture and identity. .

Comprehensive development to prepare for globalization.

To inspire youth towards globalization and global citizenship, WASS is the place that not only fosters students’ dreams but also orients and boosts the potential of WASSers. The school recognizes developing talents and helps build comprehensive learning skills as well as physical and social skills development. Students can develop a sense of internationalism.

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WASS is proud to be one amongst many who inspire  Vietnamese students to fly high and far enough to explore new horizons of knowledge that enable them to become outstanding global citizens.

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