Ninh Binh Field Trip – Journey Back to the Roots

Years 6 – 12 WASSers participated in a Field Trip to Ninh Binh from February 21 – 24, 2023.

Field trips combined with practical learning are an important part of WASS education and teaching path. In addition to the basic theory taught in the classroom, this is a valuable additional source of knowledge for students. WASS believes that each trip is a journey of unique experiences, providing an opportunity for children to explore the vast world, and to observe and apply the knowledge and skills they have learned into practice, thereby igniting their passion for learning and helping them to become more mature after each trip.

Field trips are the perfect combination of sightseeing, learning, traveling and experiencing hands-on learning opportunities. The journey to the “new lands” allows WASSers to witness realities beyond subject theory by actually experiencing and seeing them in life. Through this, they find it more interesting when academic subjects are brought closer and theories are no longer “boring”, particularly in subjects such as History, Biology, or Physics,… 

Following the series of practical learning activities in the school year 2022 – 2023, Years 6 – 12 students at WASS had a field trip in Ninh Binh from February 21st – 24th, 2023. The trip gave WASSers the opportunity to discover the cultural and historical heritages of the ancient capital with more than a thousand years of history, as well as enjoy the wild and charming beauty of this place with its magical cave system, calm rivers, and majestic mountains. The epic landscapes in the ancient capital helped members of WASS feel and better understand the traditional values of the country.

Coming to Ninh Binh, WASSers observed firsthand the habitat and living habits of dozens of rare bird species in Thung Nham, learned about the diverse and rich flora and fauna in Cuc Phuong National Park, explored the unique architecture and spiritual values at Phat Diem Cathedral, experienced rowing on the river to admire the natural wonders of the world at Trang An scenic landscapes, and “went in time” to discover Hoa Lu ancient capital, the first capital of our country’s feudal state. In addition, the activities “Ring the Golden Bell” and “Journey Journal” helped WASSers better synthesize and remember the knowledge gained throughout the trip, so that this journey of experience becomes meaningful and useful.

The Ninh Binh Field Trip made students’ knowledge of culture, history, geography, and biology into the most vivid and intuitive, far beyond the usual textbook theories. Adventures to new places are a great way to promote critical thinking, improve essential skills, and ignite curiosity and the desire to discover. As a result, students gain more motivation and joy in learning, discover new things, and become lifelong learners.

The trip ended, but the “learning journey” of the WASSers still continues. Hopefully, the students will maintain their “passionate fire” to constantly learn and discover more knowledge, improve their skills, and realize their dreams.

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