Drawing campaign: Inspiriting ideas against COVID-19

At WASS Summer Program, besides doing various activities and obtaining new knowledge, students also took part in understanding worldwide issues, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. WASS started a school drawing campaign to raise awareness about the pandemic, and the paintings presented the dreams of creating a new vaccine. They also showed students’ ideas for a safe new school year.

Integrating with the lessons, the WASSers are always taught about disease prevention and personal hygiene for themselves and the community. During the summer course, the students showed a good sense of self – awareness, through little things such as complying with the rules of handwashing, keeping distance… Participating in this drawing campaign, the children were very meticulous in showing their works, sending love messages to their friends and the WASS community.

(Student’s drawing against COVID-19. Drawing of Selena – Summer class 3A )

(Student’s creative ideas about a world without the pandemic. Drawing of TrucSummer class 3A)

(The drawing shows safety steps to go to school. Drawing of Ngọc Hân – Summer class 2A)

We hope that through WASSers paintings, students had the opportunity – not only to demonstrate their unique ideas – but also to encourage community spirit to fight back against the pandemic.

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