The field trip to ViFarm of WASSers grade 6, 7

On the morning of September 28th, WASSers grade 6, 7 of the Western Australian International School System took a field trip to ViFarm at Vung Tau province to learn about the process of growing clean vegetables at here.

ViFarm applies vegetable cultivation technology on the hydroponic platform with varieties of vegetables such as:  spinach, cabbage, tomato … On average, Vifarm provides about 5 tons of vegetables to the market. ViFarm’s products are clearly traceable, ensure safety standards tested and certified by the Center of Analytical Servies and Experimentation HCM city and Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

During the tour, WASSers were introduced to ViFarm and more than 20 varieties of vegetables grown on the farm, with a intelligent and fully automatic process of planting and management. Students were very excited because they directly visited the hydroponic system and asked questions with their guides to understand and promote the passion of trees and agriculture. In particular, they sowed, planted trees in the glass, directly harvested vegetables and enjoyed their fruits.

By the end of the trip, WASSers understanded what clean vegetables were and  the benefits of its, as well as knowed the process of growing vegetables. Since then, students initially had a good sense of green agriculture and more respectful family meals.

Let’s look at some green images on the farm in September field trip of WASSers grade 6, 7!

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