Graduation Ceremony Class of 2024 – An Unforgettable Moment of the Youth Journey

On May 24 and 25, 2024, students in Years 5, IWA6, 9, IWA10 and 12 at WASS completed the academic year 2023 – 2024 and officially graduated.

The academic year 2023 – 2024 with the theme “Be the Change – Lead the Way” has marked extremely memorable events and memories for each individual at WASS. The end of the groundbreaking educational journey also signals that another generation of students at WASS is completing their education and getting ready for exciting new educational adventures.

The Year 5, IWA6, Year 9, and IWA10 Graduation Ceremony Filled With Emotions

From little students, after five, six, nine, or ten years of studying – WASSers have improved and become more mature.

The Graduation Ceremony marked a great milestone when students officially completed their grade levels. This is the perfect preparation before WASSers enter new, challenging, and interesting levels of learning.

In the sacred moment of receiving the graduating certificate, Mai Vu Gia An, representative of the Year 9 students, shared her profound emotions and sincere messages to all graduates: “As the ceremony drew to a close, the camera shutters fell silent, ending an extraordinary chapter where each of us played a starring role. We embark on our individual paths, yet I hope we all retain our unwavering passion and self-belief.

When you discover what holds profound meaning for you, I hope you will dedicate yourself to it because it could be the turning point of your life that propels you to greater heights. Above all, let us strive to live without regret, for regret can often be more agonizing than failure itself.”

The Moment of Maturity for Year 12 WASSers

The colorful and emotional youth journey of Year 12 WASSers has arrived at the last station. The Graduation Ceremony on May 25 marked the most important turning point in the student’s journey of finding knowledge.

The end of the 12-year journey of attending school, filled with memories, will be followed by new journeys and experiences on new horizons. The tireless efforts throughout more than a decade have finally paid off.

The bright smiles, tears of separation, and boundless happiness or tight hugs to express gratitude to Parents and teachers are definitely the best memories to complete the picture of student life. These beautiful memories will always accompany you on the journey ahead.

Thank you, all WASSers, for your unwavering efforts and for constantly “nurturing” knowledge and “sharpening” skills to become brave, dynamic, and loving students. On the path ahead, always shine brightly like brave lions, carrying your talents and intelligence to conquer new lands!

WASS would also like to especially thank the Parents and teachers for always accompanying and creating the best conditions for the students’ growth journey to be complete.

Always be proud of today’s achievements; use them as motivation to move forward into the future! Never forget that the WASS family will always be here whenever you need support.

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