Explore with Confidence: The Key to the Journey of Growth

The journey to conquer TEDxYouth@WASS 2023 – 2024 has come to an end, but the lessons, values, and inspiration that the competition has brought will continue to accompany the talented “speakers” at WASS.

The TEDxYouth@WASS 2023 – 2024 competition provided a stage for WASSers, representatives of Generation Z, to raise their voices and present their perspectives on personal views and ideas related to sustainability, technology, and inclusion.

By participating in this enriching playground, students had the opportunity to step out of their comfort zones and develop their abilities through new challenges. From preparing content and honing public speaking skills to conquering the stage and conveying meaningful messages, each WASSer underwent a continuous process of training and effort.

Do Dang Minh Tri, a student from Class BWA-5F, shared: “I used to struggle with perseverance and goal-setting. However, after participating in the competition, I have developed patience, courage to face difficulties, and self-belief. Moreover, I learned how to find solutions to complex problems and generate new ideas that have stimulated my creativity and reasoning abilities.

I believed that these valuable skills would not only help me deliver impressive presentations but also serve as a stepping stone for my future development and success.”

The journey of conquering the competition was an excellent opportunity for WASSers to enhance their soft skills, discover themselves, and “nurture” their courage and confidence. By standing in front of a large audience to share their stories and ideas, they learned to trust themselves, overcome their fears, and shine their own light.

Tran Hoang Vinh Thuan – Class of IWA-10B – shared: “This experience served as a tremendous challenge that helped me hone my fledgling presentation skills. Initial anxieties morphed into a focused determination to express my thoughts with clarity and conviction.

In addition, the competition opened up a magical door for me to discover the wonders of communication, boost my presentation skills, and stimulate my creativity. In particular, I realized that I possessed a powerful ability to connect with others through the art of presentation.

The TEDxYouth@WASS 2023 – 2024 stage was not just a place to present ideas, but also a place for me to confidently speak up about practical topics and contribute to a better society.”

“For me, the TEDxYouth@WASS wasn’t just a presentation stage, but also a place for WASSers to inspire, share personal opinions, and connect with others through my voice. To deliver this presentation, I put in a lot of time and effort, from brainstorming ideas and designing slides to practicing constantly, learning from inspirational TED talks, and seeking advice from teachers.

In the end, I felt that all the effort was worth it. I gained a lot of new knowledge about societal issues and the importance of respecting differences. In addition, I was very happy to have the opportunity to interact with many talented “speakers” who are WASSers from different years of levels.

So, through this competition, I also want to say to my friends: “If you’re thinking about breaking the limits and want to do something amazing, do it! You might just surprise yourself with the interesting and inspiring things you discover.” Phan Nhat Huy – Class of BWA-9A.

The growth journey of every student is incomplete without experience. Each challenge, whether successfully overcome or not, brings valuable lessons for them to discover their limitless potential, become stronger, and achieve unexpected success.

Therefore, talented WASSers, always keep your faith and nurture your passion for learning to boldly reach new heights. Turn challenges into motivation to constantly improve yourself, become the best version of yourself, and shine confidently on your journey to conquer knowledge.

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