My secret story

If someone asks me what impressed me most at school, my answer, without hesitation, will be: my new teachers.

I had to leave my beloved school for the early day of the grade 9. Although telling myself not to be upset, my heart felt empty. Moving to a new environment, I worried about everything. Everything was new and different.


On my first days at school, I worried that I almost burst into tears. However, my fear suddenly faded as my lessons were interesting with my new and friendly friends. Especially, my teachers who brought me more excitment and motiviation through out each class. Knowing that I joined school so late  and that I missed some lessons when compared to other friends, my teachers kindly spent time tutoring me afterschool. Thanks to my them, I started to have a better understanding of my lessons and developed interest towards those subjects. Additionally, in the afternoon, I had English class with foreign teachers. My teachers are humourous, friendly and they own easy-understanding teaching method which help me absorb lessons easily.  Teaching assistants enthusiastically support and encourage me to overcome the language barrier, which made me happier and more confidence.

Now, in my student life journey, there is not only love for my teachers and friends in my old school, but also with beautiful hearts I will draw for my new friends and teachers.


Nguyen Minh Thy – Grade 9

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