Enjoying the Lunar New Year Across Three Regions and Welcoming the Year of the Dragon 2024

Amidst the vibrant spring atmosphere, the entire WASS community had the opportunity to come together and celebrate the traditional Vietnamese Lunar New Year at the 2024 Spring Festival “Vibrant Spring Across Regions,” held on February 02 & 19, 2024.

In February, Spring had gracefully permeated to WASS as the entire campus lit up with radiant colors of yellow apricot blossoms, pink peach blossoms, red parallel couplets, and green square sticky rice cakes. Immersed in this enchanting scenery, the WASS community shared memorable moments and was filled with joy at the “Vibrant Spring Across Regions” Spring Festival.

Recreating the true spirit of traditional Lunar New Year within the festive atmosphere deeply rooted in the cultural traditions, the Spring Festival 2024 at WASS brought WASSers to new landscapes and a series of extremely attractive and engaging folk games at the School premises without having to go far. Students were thrilled to experience unique activities such as Blindfolded beating, Monkey bridge crossing, Bamboo jumping, Ring toss game, Lucky spin, Mandarin square capturing, Molding clay figures, Tug-of-war, and Shuttlecock kicking.

Besides, WASSers showcased their creativity and skillfulness through meaningful Lunar New Year welcoming activities such as adorable clay pigs, elegant calligraphy decorations, whimsical Dong Ho paintings, bright red lucky envelopes, green sticky rice cakes, and unique trays of five fruits, all created by the students during the Spring Festival.

The atmosphere at WASS became even more joyful and exciting as WASSers came together to “weave” a colorful spring painting with traditional costumes from various regions and immersed themselves in the lively New Year melodies.

Furthermore, students’ emotions were uplifted as they received cookies carrying lucky messages and gathered with friends and teachers for a feast.

Not only stopping there, after two weeks of rest, bonding with family, and recharging energy, WASSers officially went back to their beloved school on February 19, 2024, with great joy and excitement. Beyond the excitement of meeting friends and teachers to exchange warm greetings and well wishes, students were also thrilled to receive lovely red envelopes from the School along with meaningful wishes and adorable gifts for the New Year. The lively atmosphere of the first class of the Lunar New Year empowers WASSers to strive for a semester full of success and joy.

WASS hopes that the lively games, impressive cultural performances, and rich traditional Lunar New Year experiences have provided students with a journey across Northern, Central, and Southern Vietnam, filled with joy, happiness, and beautiful memories, as well as an opportunity to discover the beautiful traditional culture of the nation.

Wishing all students a robust Year of the Dragon, full of strength to overcome every challenge, continue to learn ceaselessly, be confident in yourselves, and step by step, advance to radiate self-assurance, making this a joyful and successful year.

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