Numerous Beneficial Activities at WASSers’ Special Experience Week

To provide engaging experiential activities for students after the Final Exam of Semester II, WASS organized beneficial and meaningful activities for WASSers of all year levels.

From May 20 to May 27, 2024, the Western Australian International School System (WASS) held its Parents – Teacher Conference to report on the activities and achievements of WASSers during the academic year 2023 – 2024. During this time, WASSers from Years 1 to 12 participated in various engaging and educational activities. With a wide range of beneficial and enriching events, WASS’s special end-of-academic-year experience week provided enjoyable and meaningful moments, helped students relax after the intense study periods, and created memorable memories with friends.

1. Beneficial Career Orientation Sessions for WASSers in Years 9 – 12

Early career orientation for students plays an important role in shaping and developing the future of WASSers. With useful information for choosing the right career path, students can set specific goals and create appropriate study plans to achieve those goals.

During the recent experience week, WASSers from Years 9 to 12 participated in lively and beneficial Career Orientation. Here, students learned about career opportunities, information on trending professions, and shared experiences in choosing schools: 

  • WASSers in Year 9 were introduced to elective subject combinations in the High School program by WASSers in Year 10.
  • WASSers in Year 10 presented their career introduction poster projects and attended an Info Session with a representative from the University of Western Australia.
  • WASSers in Years 11 and 12 explored majors, scholarship opportunities, and career prospects in the US with representatives of Oregon State University


2. Psychology Workshops on “Decoding” Emotions and Shaping Behavior of WASSers

WASS focuses on Psychology Workshops to build a healthy learning environment and provide the best conditions for students to develop intellectually, physically, and mentally. Accordingly, during the special experience week, WASSers participated in workshops on practical topics, specifically:

  • “Respecting Differences” for WASSers in Years 1 – 3 (43 Nguyen Thong Campus).
  • “Health Care for Puberty” for WASSers in Years 4 – 5 (43 Nguyen Thong Campus).
  • “Verbal Abuse” and “Addiction & Addictive Substances” for WASSers in Years 6 – 12 (84 Ba Huyen Thanh Quan Campus).
  • “Verbal Abuse” for WASSers in Years 1 – 12 (157 Ly Chinh Thang Campus).

The topics in the workshops were carefully selected and tailored to WASSers of each age to address the different psychoactive issues. From there, students learned effective communication skills, better understood bodily changes, and emotions, and developed appropriate behaviors for their present lives and future.


3. The Diverse Experiential Activities Embellished the Unique Picture of the Academic Year 

In addition to academics, WASSers participated in fun and engaging activities during the special experience week.

Students transformed into talented artisans, creating unique and adorable artworks such as paper windmills, colorful fabric pieces, whimsical phone cases, beautifully scented candles, or creatively designed costumes from recycled materials.

Moreover, the atmosphere during this week became livelier with exciting physical activities. WASSers had moments of unrestrained fun, bursting with energy through engaging games at the Water Fest; they also enhanced their physical fitness and teamwork spirit through intense basketball and football matches.

In particular, WASSers collectively raised an additional 57,365,000 VND for the Community Fund “Empower the Next Generation” through fundraising activities organized during the recent experience week. The products sold included beverages crafted by WASSers themselves, as well as handmade artistic creations and paintings throughout the academic year.

At the end of the academic year 2023 – 2024, the WASS community contributed a total of 477,568,000 VND to the Community Fund “Empower the Next Generation”. The funds raised will be used to implement the main project “Yen Bai, For a Brighter Tomorrow”.

WASS believes that the special experience week, filled with countless fascinating experiences alongside teachers and friends, has added many meaningful moments as the academic year 2023 – 2024 comes to a close for the students.

The School wishes them a wonderful summer as they prepare for the upcoming academic year 2024 – 2025, with countless surprises awaiting them ahead.

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