An Incredible Journey of the WASS Talented Engineer Team

The Vietnam VEX Robotics National Championship 2024 came to a glorious end and left unforgettable memories for each member of the WASS Talented Engineer Team.

On January 20 & 21, 2024, the 6 robotics teams with 46 WASS students participated in the Vietnam VEX Robotics National Championship 2024 organized in Hanoi. There were nearly 250 teams from 31 provinces and cities all over Vietnam participating in this tournament.

Through extremely stressful and thrilling rounds, WASSers showed their talent, bravery and robot controlling skills to bring about remarkable and proud achievements.

Accordingly, the “Vietnam Mai Dinh” team won the Creative Award for the robot creating process in the Robot VEX IQ Division for the Primary School. In the Robot VEX V5 Division for the Secondary and High School, the two teams “WASS Plus” and “WASS Thorium Energy” respectively won prestigious awards including the Robot Skills Champion for the nationwide highest score team in the Robot Skills Competition and the Build Award for the team with a solid Robot design model and high technology application. This is worthy recognition for the tireless efforts of teachers and students at WASS during recent months.

The journey at the Vietnam VEX Robotics National Championship 2024 has left WASSers with many emotions and unforgettable memories with their teachers and friends.

The “Vietnam Mai Dinh” team shared about this tournament: “We are very honored to receive the Creative Award. Even though it wasn’t a big prize, it made us very happy. It’s a worthy achievement for our efforts.

In the Vietnam VEX Robotics Championship 2024, our team had many memorable and emotional memories: happy, sad, proud, excited,… There were some conflicts between members, but we talked and solved the problems together, thereby ensuring solidarity for the whole team. We hope to have the opportunity to return to this tournament so we can conquer more prizes and learn more useful knowledge.

Finally, we would like to thank the School, the Competition Organizing Committee, and the teachers for creating conditions for us to have a useful playground, also helping us expand our knowledge and find our potential hidden within us.”

“The Vietnam VEX Robotics Championship 2024 was a challenging journey for us. It required hard work and effort from our team. During this time, it was common for us to stay at school until late at night. Mr. Nguyen and our team always took advantage of break time and after school to prepare for the tournament. In addition, we had to spend a lot of time preparing the presentation thoroughly so that we could present it in the most impressive way to the judges.

During the tournament, there were some problems such as the robot being damaged, limited time and arguments about the competition rules. The saddest thing was that we lost in the final match and didn’t get a ticket to America. My group was very regretful and some members even cried because of this failure. At that time, Mr. Nguyen was beside us. He comforted everyone, encouraged and lifted our spirit. Anyway, our team also won Second and Third Prizes in this tournament. We will still persevere and be determined to win the next competition. We will continue our training, and will coordinate with the Robotics team at PennSchool to conquer the next journey.

For us, the four days in Hanoi were truly fun and full of beautiful memories when we witnessed the members happily helping and taking care of each other. Mr. Nguyen is very kind, he is our companion and takes care of us. He woke up very early to gather the whole team to prepare for the competition. WASS Thorium Energy is like our second home, each member is like a puzzle piece, has a unique role and is very important to the whole group.

Up to now, we realize that participating in this tournament, in addition to being determined to win, we also have the joy of making more friends, interacting with each other, practicing solidarity, and striving for our passion for Robotics.” – sharing of “WASS Thorium Energy” team.

“Before the tournament, our team had a thorough preparation process from assembly, programming and control to ensure the Robot was always sturdy, operated effectively and most importantly, always ready for the competition. To test the results of our practice, we participated in friendly matches, some Robots there were capable of causing us difficulties and those experiences helped the team know what to do.

At the official tournament in Hanoi, our team’s goal is to win the championship and bring home the biggest prize. With our efforts and support for each other throughout the competition, we received many successes and failures. Even though we had to stop at the Semi-finals of the head-to-head competition, being ranked Top 1 in Vietnam in the Skills Challenge also made us feel very happy. Our team was very emotional when we earned the Skills Challenge trophy.

The difficult, emotional and also very successful adventure in Hanoi will be a great motivation for us to continue trying harder for the highest goal of getting a ticket to America for the first time in the VEX V5 Division. Although there are difficulties and many challenges ahead, we will strive to succeed and go as far as possible on the journey to conquer the World Championship taking place in the US.” – Representative of the “WASS Plus” team.

In February, WASS robotics team in VEX V5 Division will continue to compete to win a ticket to attend the VEX Robotics World Championship 2024 held in Texas, USA next May. Wishing you all to stay calm, confident and perform well to bring back more impressive results in the next tournament.

Hopefully, the knowledge, skills and memorable memories of this tournament will be solid preparations for WASSers to continue pursuing their dreams in the future.

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