Spring Festival 2024, “Spring Vibes: Tet Glamping & Cultural Experiences”

On the eve of the Lunar New Year 2024, our little WASSers participated in the Spring Festival 2024, “Spring Vibes: Tet Glamping & Cultural Experiences,” a 2-day & 1-night glamping adventure with various unique activities.

Tet is approaching everywhere. The yellow apricot blossoms, green Chung cakes, red couplets, and the fresh colors of the five-fruit tray signaled the upcoming New Year. Spring welcoming songs have echoed throughout the streets, adding to our excitement as we await the most important festival of the year.

In that warm and vibrant Spring atmosphere, the members of WASS Kindergarten had the opportunity to become more connected through a series of activities in the Spring Festival 2024 with the theme “Spring Vibes: Tet Glamping & Cultural Experiences,”which was held for two days on January 26 and 27, 2024.

On the first day of the festival, the little WASSers were delighted to decorate their school and classrooms into a tiny “kingdom”  with many sparkling camping tents. They felt free to unleash energy through team-building games. One of the highlights of the recent Spring Festival was the sumptuous buffet feast featuring a wide array of typical traditional dishes of Tet. The students also gathered around the campfire, indulging in “all-out” relaxation with activities such as “Spa Time,” “Pyjama Party,” and “Movie Night.”

The mood during the 2024 Spring Festival truly exploded when WASS Kindergarten welcomed a large number of Parents and students to 43 Nguyen Thong Campus, one of the campuses of Western Australia International School System, on the morning of January 27 to immerse in various activities and unique traditional folk games.

At the event, the little WASSers brought extremely exciting music performances and impressive fashion shows. The “Spring Colors” collection, the “Floating Princess,” “Jade in the Earth,” the Ao Dai collection, vests, or recycled evening gowns created from familiar items – all contributed to a “1-0-2” runway through the explosive performances of the young talents.

Besides, moments where little WASSers and their Parents participated in traditional games such as Bamboo Jumping, Bean Picking, Mandarin Square Capturing, Blindfold Drum Playing, Hopscotch, Piggy Bank Decoration,  Chung Cake Wrapping, and other activities, have created a beautiful picture of family bond. This occasion also allowed Parents to embark on a journey back to their childhood, filled with nostalgic memories.

At the festival, the School also provided an opportunity for students and Parents to visit functional rooms such as Music, Science, Technology, and Art room, equipped with the latest advanced equipment to enhance the teaching and learning process for WASS members.

Technology exploration activities attracted a large number of Parents and students wanting to experience areas like Drone Control, Robotics, Virtual Reality (VR) Technology, and 3D Technology. As a pioneering School System in integrating technology throughout the curriculum at all levels, WASS in general, and WASS Kindergarten in particular, always strives to provide students with dynamic learning experiences, helping them develop comprehensively to become talented citizens in the future.

WASS hopes that the exciting experiences at the Spring Festival 2024, “Spring Vibes: Tet Glamping & Cultural Experiences,” have provided students with priceless memories alongside teachers, family, and friends, and have given an engaging school tour for the next learning journey at a higher level at the WASS.

WASS wishes Parents, students, and their families a peaceful, joyful, and prosperous New Year!

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