Study with Bamboo – The story behind the talking puppets

As a teaching program created at a time when Kindergarten students had to stay at home due to the pandemic, through the broadcast episodes, “Learning with Bamboo” has become a familiar program for WASS Kindergarten students . Let’s listen to the words of the teachers and the positive feedback from the parents of WASS about this program.

The puppets Bamboo, Molly, Simba… have become familiar “new friends” of the students, reviewing meaningful lessons with them. The program has also received positive feedback from parents because every weekend night, the students want to watch the Youtube WASS TV channel to meet and study with Bamboo – the puppet and friends.

(Learning with Bamboo has become a familiar program for students every weekend.)

Let’s listen to the words from Kindergarten teachers – the people behind the implementation of the “Learning with Bamboo” program through the following article:

The time spent doing the series of activities “Learning with Bamboo” is a wonderful time. Our teachers together came up with ideas, built scripts, and sewed handmade clothes for the lovely puppets. With the aim of bringing meaningful lessons to students during days of separation, but still having to be easy to understand, we are busy creating and drawing lots of contexts for the lively scenes. We also focused on voice acting, and from there the witty Bamboo, the lovely Molly, and also the mischievous Hippo and indispensable, a strong Simba were born.

Maybe those were really busy days, but it’s fun because we know that, behind the puppets – each story that Bamboo brings is a whole sky of knowledge, countless meaningful things that the students can learn. And what we look forward to the most, is that through these special stories, students will learn many useful things and apply them well in their upcoming journey.

Wishing all dear students good health, have a very happy and successful semester. The most important thing is to look forward to the fascinating and interesting stories that the “Learning with Bamboo” brings!

Ms. Nguyen Thi Mong Duy – WASS Kindergarten Teacher


“Study with Bamboo” is a very good and meaningful program during the pandemic. When Chloe watched the first few episodes, she liked it very much and often asked me to reopen it to watch it with her. When the Bamboo puppet sings and dances, she also does it very enthusiastically, too.

I also often let my children listen to WASS TV’s “Bedtime story” stories at night before going to bed to help them sleep better. The New Year of 2022, Chloe also made red envelopes by herself according to the video that Bamboo and the WASS Kindergarten teachers instructed, giving them to family members, making everyone very excited.

I find this a very useful channel because it not only brings knowledge, but also integrates deep humanistic meanings through each story. Many thanks to the WASS Kindergarten teachers for creating a great Youtube channel so that students can study anywhere.

Parent of Tran Le An Nhien – WASS Kindergarten’s student

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