Mr. Gustavo Páez, Principal of Fully Integrated International Programs at Western Australian International School System (WASS), shares the importance of “Open-Mindedness” and its application in each context.

Last month we were reflecting on the attribute of the pen-mindedness, although this term is not new to many of you, its application varies depending on the context and the need.

Being an open-minded person goes beyond accepting realities but putting yourself in other people’s shoes, leaving aside the individualism with which we are used to handling ourselves.

Nowadays we are exposed to face different appreciations based on the generation gap, technology management and cultural contexts. Let’s get out of our comfort zone and look around us with a different point of view, being tolerant to diversity and valuing what we do not know. If we become role models, it will be a simple way to transmit mutual understanding.

I share the article by psychologist Kendra Cherry on How to Be Open-Minded and Why It Matters. 

In everyday use, the term “Open-Minded” is often used as a synonym for being non-prejudiced or tolerant. From a psychological perspective, the term is used to describe how willing people are to consider other perspectives or to try out new experiences.

Open-mindedness involves being receptive to a wide variety of ideas, arguments, and information. Being open-minded is generally considered a positive quality. It is necessary in order to think critically and rationally. Open-mindedness can also involve asking questions and actively searching for information that challenges your beliefs. It also encompasses the belief that other people should be free to express their beliefs and arguments, even if you do not necessarily agree with those views.

This doesn’t mean that being open-minded is easy. Being open to new ideas and experiences can sometimes lead to confusion and cognitive dissonance when we learn new things that conflict with existing beliefs. Being able to change and revise outdated or incorrect beliefs is an important part of learning and personal growth.

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