WASS Community Eagerly Awaits the School Year Exhibition 2023 – 2024

The School Year Exhibition with the theme “Unveiling Success” is the most spectacular, largest, and most anticipated event of the year, gathering the participation of all students with outstanding academic projects along with impressive art performances.

The vibrant “Be the Change – Lead the Way” knowledge journey with the brilliant imprints of the entire WASS community in the academic year 2023 – 2024 is gradually approaching the finish line.

To celebrate the proud achievements and great efforts of WASSers, the School Year Exhibition “Unveiling Success” of the WASS community will be a wonderful opportunity for Parents to witness firsthand the impressive academic projects that the students have carried out with their own profound understanding, critical thinking, and creativity, along with the knowledge accumulated throughout the academic year.

Nguyen Luong Gia Han – Class of BWA-12A shared: “Throughout the academic year, my classmates and I worked on various projects. Each subject and each finished product brought us interesting experiences, contributing to the development of many skills, qualities, and abilities. In Math class, for example, we made three models of Spatial Geometry. The knowledge is now more vivid through the 3D models that we created ourselves. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to practice skills in problem-solving, creative thinking, and teamwork. I was happy to see that, through these projects, our class became more united.

I hope that we can contribute to making the Exhibition a great success and bring pride to our teachers, Parents, and ourselves at WASS.”

Nguyen Tran Hoang Kim – Class of BWA-3G shared: “I am very excited for the upcoming School Year Exhibition on April 20, 2024. I hope my Parents will attend this important event to see our efforts and achievements throughout the academic year.

I will be performing a musical performance with my friends that day. I will keep it a secret about what we will perform! Parents, I hope you will be happy and proud of me.”

At the Exhibition “Unveiling Success,” Parents will have the opportunity to experience the effectiveness of the curriculum along with the teaching methods being applied at WASS, especially the Project-based Learning method. Tran Ngoc Phuong Anh – Class of BWA-4I also shared: “We really enjoy the application of Project-based Learning method in class because it makes the lessons more engaging. We get to collaborate with our classmates, be creative, and explore the topics we are learning. This helps us remember the lessons better and also become more united and understanding of each other.

Besides, I am also preparing a musical performance for the Exhibition. For me, performing on stage makes me very happy and excited. We hope that our Parents will be proud to see us perform on stage. I will try my best to live up to my Parents’ expectations and my own dreams.”

Above all, the students are eager to see the bright smiles and proud eyes of their Parents when they look at their projects and enjoy their songs and dances at the School Year Exhibition. This has become a great motivation for all WASS students as they put their hearts and souls into the event, contributing to creating the most spectacular event of the year.

“I have been tirelessly preparing every day, pouring hours into research and creativity for my project. I am really looking forward to the School Year Exhibition because I will be able to share my ideas with my friends, teachers, and Parents. This is not only about presenting, but also a testament to my passion and hard work. With each day that passes, the atmosphere in my classroom becomes more and more exciting and vibrant, and I can’t wait for everyone to see what we have accomplished together in the past academic year.” – Laura – Class of WA-6A expressed.

Nguyen Hoang Anh Quan – Class of BWA-SS-11C shared: “This academic year, the “Poster for the Book” project has been a colorful piece that adds to the picture of my student years. We put all our hearts into every detail from carefully researching the work and choosing the right images to designing the layout to convey a meaningful message while also engaging the viewers. Each member contributed to creating a unique poster.

The project was a journey of discovery and creativity, where I learned how to listen, respect opinions, and find common solutions together. The process of implementing the project helped strengthen our friendship.

I understand that my Parents always want to see my efforts and achievements in school. Therefore, I always try to complete all assigned tasks well. I hope that my Parents will come to the event to see my growth and progress in the past academic year, as well as be proud of my talent and potential.”

The atmosphere on the entire WASS campuses is becoming more and more exciting and intense than ever, as all classes are busy and working at full capacity for their projects and products. Le Tran Nhat Tan – Class of IWA-10A shared: “We are very excited to showcase everything we have learned and achieved throughout the year at the School Year Exhibition. This day is even more special when I know that our Parents will be there to witness all the hard work and dedication that we have spent on these projects. More importantly, this will be a great opportunity for my Parents to see me shine and explore my dynamic learning environment!”

In addition, when attending the event, Parents will also play an important role in the process of evaluating students’ learning outcomes, so that each point that students receive will not only be “sweet fruit” for their efforts but also bear the imprint of the support and companionship of their beloved teachers and families.

Tran Ngoc Minh Khue – Class of BWA-5E expressed: “During the past year, my friends and I have studied together to achieve good results in the exams. I hope that these results will bring my Parents joy and pride in us. We want to show our Parents how much we have grown by actively participating in school activities. Our Parents will surely be proud when they see me shine on stage.”

Through the sharing of WASSers from different year levels, we can feel their excitement and anticipation for their families attending this special event. Most of all, they also look forward to seeing the joy and pride of their loved ones when observing their growth after a year of studying.

The presence of Parents will become a “hidden force” that motivates students to continue exploring the vast horizon of knowledge and polishing the necessary skills to reach their beautiful dreams in the future.

The School, teachers, and students are looking forward to welcoming Parents to this meaningful event.

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