Graduation Day and Maturity Party of WASSers 12th grade

On June 25th, 2017 the Western Australian International School System formally celebrated the graduation ceremony for 12th grade students class of 2017 at Ho coc Beach Resort located in Vung Tau. This is a very important moment for our students which marks the maturity, and intuition of the student.

Ending 12 years of sitting in school, despite all happiness or sadness, friendship, teacher and student relation will forever be forgotten, these memories will last inevitably. In the past time, WASS has morphed the children into a big family, to develop, to mature together, to share, and to love and light the dreams of their pupils.

The final year ended with the joy and harmony of all the teachers and Wassers of the 12th grade in Western Australia International School. During the separation time, the 12th graders expressed their affection and gratitude to teachers and parents who dedicated, and nurtured them every step on the road of education. Sincere and profound, representatives of Wassers 12th graders, Ngoc Tram will send thanks to those who have always supported and helped the children. Whether it’s the birth, nurture of parents, or grandparents for 18 years; The contribution of teacher who taught children the knowledge and morals of human beings also plays an important role. With lessons that they’ve acknowledge they are able to share deep sympathy from their pure hearts.

Speaking at the ceremony, Vice principal Tran Anh Tuan recognized and honored Wassers with excellent performance, and congratulated all 12th graders who completed the program and overcame Passing the national high school graduation exam. “I wish you firmly step on the path that you’ve chosen, although many paths might be challenging, the encouragements, tears, and strength will allow you to confidently conquer the climax of knowledge on the new journey.

Continuing the program in a warm space, a special evening cocktail party is celebrated exclusively for the twelve-year freshmen. The Western Australian School System – A place for the senior pupils to shine in their own outfits. In their formal and dazzling attire, they walk side by side, recording memorable moments before they enter the new threshold of life. At the Prom Party, the students communicated, dance freely, enjoyed food and beverages in the luxurious space at Saigon Ho Coc Beach Resort in Vung Tau. More excitingly they conjoined in the fun game show and share beautiful memories with their teachers, families, and friends in Western Australia. This event is a huge mark for their transition to adulthood.

Last school year, farewell to all the innocent smiles in the previous school year.  Eyes are filled with tears as we say our goodbyes to grade 12, goodbye to our school, goodbyes to our teachers, and goodbyes to our friends on graduation and farewell party. From today forward you are really mature in terms of physical strength, intellect, and soul.

WASS and our teachers will always follow and bless the children every step of the way. Regardless, wherever they are or what they do remember their place, their teachers, their friends, their love, life, and dream in their souls. That is the most precious and meaningful gift you give to your parents, your teachers, and yourself. Fly high Wassers!

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