Testing in three rounds of STEAM WASS competition 2017-2018

In three days from 12th to 14th  September 2017, WASSers who are interested in Robotics and Research conquered three thrilling rounds of competition to put their name on the STEAM WASS team.

ICT Round: Each student took 20 multiple choice tests within 15 minutes to test their Computer, Robotics and Research skills.

Robot Assembling and Programming Round: in 60 minutes

  • Grades 1, 2: Creating and programming of a bee and a flower model illustrated the relationship between pollinators and plants.
  • Grades 3, 4, 5: Creating and programming a garbage collection model.
  • Grades 6, 7, 8, 9: Creating, assembling and programming Robot simulated a movable animal (Grades 6, 7, 8, 9) and reacted to different signals by moving or sounding (Grades 8, 9).

In the Robot Assembling Round, the model would be evaluated according to the criteria as: suitable topics, great ideas and the creativity, application and intelligent movements as well as the aesthetic layout. For the Programming Round, students were judged on their understanding of the meaning of instruction and how to apply logic programming effectively.

Bilingual Presentation and Discussion Round: This round required students to communicate the information and express their reasoning skills with a clear voice. At the same time, they had to answer fluently questions from the jury in both English and Vietnamese.

After three thrilling rounds of competition, the final result will be aggregated and announced to the students next week. Let’s wait for your name to appear on the boards of the best members of STEAM WASS team in the school year 2017-2018!


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