Robotics class: WASSers build colorful barrage

Science and technology play a particularly important role in the education curriculum. At WASS, the phrase “Learning by Doing” is represented thoroughly in Robotics class.

STEAM techniques which are based on the WASS International Educational Program and applied in Robotics, are one of the most favorite subjects for WASSers of all grades.

Recently, based on the reality of the effect of the flood on people’s lives, our “little WASS engineers” carried out a very meaningful learning project: Building barrages. Students were encouraged to do research and ask questions about how to apply technologies in practice. By appraising designed solutions using question such as “How does it work?”, “Who will use it?”, they understood how communities and local circumstances influenced design and technology decisions.

Student started their project by imagining the barrage they want to build. They learned how to collaborate by assigning each other tasks, from assembling colorful lego bricks, decorating the barrage to the more difficult task of programming. Through this process, students have the opportunity to practice problem-solving skills as they seek to overcome the challenges encountered in the process of making the project.

Communicating in the team, listening to all suggestions, organizing work assignments, presenting to convince others and especially solving problems together, allowed students to learn how to work in a group effectively. In addition, diverse materials, programming methods from simple to complex, and different geometries appear vividly when students conduct their projects. With Robotics class, students can transform theoretical concepts into the real world.

Robotics at WASS is one of the subjects that supports thinking, stimulating creativity, and exploiting the potential strengths of students for science and technology.

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