How have we planned for Grade 12?

How is it to be a senior student? This is probably the question that students are most interested in when preparing to go to grade 12. Because Grade 12 determines the future path, the individual direction of each student, it can be said that this is an important turning point in a student’s life.

Being Grade 12 students means that students carry more challenges when they have to start planning for their future. Each WASSer has his/her own set of goals. There are students aiming to achieve an impressive GPA, while others have a desire to challenge themselves to gain more skills for universities.

Let’s listen to the sharing of WASSers’ plans!

“Year 12 is challenging for me. I did encounter some difficulties in my chosen subjects in the IB curriculum. However, I finally figured out how to study for year 12. What I did in my plan is to review every lesson in every subject, that way it not only helps me to memorize things better but also to remember the lessons in a better way. That is all I can say about my study plan. 

For this year, I am planning to apply to universities in the UK and Australia. For the UK, I am applying to Oxford, UCL, LSE, and Birmingham. Although I know that these universities are tough to get into and they are very competitive, however, I am trying my best to reach this goal. For Australia, I am applying to Adelaide university. I want to study law at these universities. All I can say is to try our best, who knows that one day we will achieve these goals, isn’t it? Keep moving forward and try our best to reach our aims of what we have always wanted.” – Luong Chieu – Hoang Ly (Vivie) IB12

“Throughout 11 years of studying, students like me had struggled and undergone many difficulties, resulting in procrastination and failures in the education pathway. However, failure is never the end of life. It gives people an opportunity to rethink and reconsider their proposal applying the previous experiences. This gradually establishes the study strategies for students to deal with obstacles, which helps to inspire the next generation to enhance their learning skills. As a senior, I have managed the study plans and set aspirations as a motivation to achieve future goals.

Having a study plan is a vital aspect to organise and build up a sense of accountability in the learning process. The first component of a study plan is time management. Time scheduling skill is compulsory since it represents the organization in education, which helps to identify the tasks and activities. There are 2 categories in the timetable including the fixed and flexible aspects. For example, classes and works are prominent objects, which have certain periods along with the time in the schedule. After scheduling for classes and work, the time for homework and practices are set up ranging from 1-2 hours. Lastly, the rest of the day is for flexible activities. However, it is not enough to be recognised as a study plan. A study plan is more comprehensive than a schedule since it establishes a framework for dealing with preparation, planning, and challenges in each subject. During the lecture, I keep up with crucial concepts and try to convey them in the notes in their own words, with given assignments and the due date. Finally, study at the set time and in a consistent place. Besides that, interruption of the external environment needs to be considered so they can concentrate on studying. I prefer studying at home in my own room where I focus on the given tasks, which is effective and enhances my learning productivity.

At the end of the year, my first aspiration is high-school graduation, which symbolises the accomplishment of a long time studying at school, the end of the meaningful process as well as the new beginning in the study life. Another wish to achieve is getting into the university. I believe that the university is a new environment for me to learn in a specific category in daily lives, where I can meet different companions at this stage.”- Trinh Le Ha My – WACE11

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