WASSers have fired up the WSC’s stage

The sultry weather of Saigon in the summer days of March has not been hot enough in comparison with the heat of the WSC contest recently held in WASS – where the WASSers have fired up the stage with their passionate and carefully prepared presentations.

Keeping up the theme of the WSC contest 2019 – “A world on the Margins”, the topics selected for the Essay and Debate round in this contest are extremely diverse and familiar, from technology to history and from art to music. All aim to build a useful and interesting academic playground but still maximize the students’ creative abilities. That is most clearly shown by the way of looking at the presentation and the personal opinion of each candidate. Besides the smooth and attractive presentations, bringing very unique colors there are also moments of innocence when the students are “frozen” for a few seconds because they suddenly forget the words to their speech. Despite this, all these lovely moments (including the mistakes) have contributed to the true success of a school playground.

As well as the presentation and essay competition at the school, the journey of the WASSers at the WSC contest is still ongoing with the Regional round held on April 20 and 21. Winning in the Regional round, WASSers will have the opportunity to participate in the world round in Beijing and the final round at Yale University – USA.

WSC 2019 has a long way ahead, the journey of experience, joy, and useful lessons. Let’s hope that our young WASSer fighters will achieve success in the upcoming round!

The World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) is an international team academic competition for students from 8 to 18 years old. This competition was founded by Daniel Berdichevsky and first took place in Korea in 2007. He is the alumnus of Stanford and Harvard University and he has achieved the highest score in the history of the United States Academic Decathlon (USAD). After 10 years of establishment and development, in 2017, 12,650 scholars worldwide attended nearly 100 regional rounds.


Trần Quốc Bảo

TOK Coordinator

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