Give kindness away – receive love in return

Today we give away kindness, we will receive love in return tomorrow. This life will be so much more beautiful when people treat each other with sincerity.

“In life, everyone needs a heart full of kindness”. In today’s society, when everyone is too busy with life and work, kindness becomes something big and strange. I still think that kindness has gone somehow. But today, on my way to school, I tried to observe the street and suddenly realized that the kindness was still very much around me. However it was in the small acts, so I did not realize it.

Kindness is sometimes a simple prompt saying, ‘Hey miss, lift up your kickstand.’ Then the driver will gently smile and say thank you. A small reminder like that can help save them from an unfortunate accident. Kindness is when an old lady is struggling to cross the street, someone grabs her hand and helps her to cross the street. Kindness is when I see a security guard stop and give a beggar on the street some change. Although the amount of money is not much, it may help the beggar have a decent breakfast.

I have realized there is a lot of kindness around us, but sometimes it’s just a smile when meeting each other in the morning, or bending down to pick up a piece of garbage and put it in the bin to make the city cleaner”. Kindness” is a good aspect of human personality, expressed through the way we behave, support and connect with each other in life. People often say A stitch in time saves nine. I think if you show kindness you will receive kindness. Helping someone in need, isn’t that great? If you can’t do big things, do small things, warm your heart and make others feel happy and have more faith in life.

Man Nghi

Student of class 8B

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