Hello 12 graders!

A new school year 2016 – 2017 will mark an important milestone on the development path of the Western Australian International School System (WASS) that we will welcome the first class of grade 12 with pride and excitement.

We know that the last school year is an important stage for each student. The knowledge and skills taught by teachers during this period will help them step by step to enter into a higher education level in the future. Understanding the dreams of WASSers and concerns of the parents about your child’s development path after graduation, WASS has been consulting and supporting the parents in choosing the best way for the children that are suitable to their ability and wishes. Therefore, 12 graders at WASS can enter the last year at school without worry, anxiety or panic.

In the new school year 2016 – 2017, WASS will continue to help students develop the necessary knowledge and skills, as well as encourage them to be enthusiastic and bring them more energy to break out in this important stage. Time goes fast, the new school year is waiting for teachers and students to gain the best results. Let’s welcome a new school year and the first successful grade 12.

Nguyen Truong Ton

Head teacher grade 12

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