School field The Happy Farm – Loving nature around us.

In continuing the series of activities for children, Western Australian International School System preschools have organized a field trip to visit the Happy Farm with many fun outdoor activities, which should help children understand more about nature through practical lessons.

Going to Happy Farm was an exciting and fascinating experience. The children were delighted with the program of agricultural sightseeing tours, designed with activities suitable for preschool age such as playing the role of a farmer, the children also created their own achievements through a hard working day, gaining practical knowledge about how to grow vegetables, catch a fish…

The trip to HAPPY FARM gave the children a more realistic picture of Nature. They learned about different kinds of plants and processes to grow rice; cassava, created soap from pennyworth, walking on monkey bridge, rope bridge was really fun.

The next interesting activity at HAPPY FARM was the “Farmer’s Rain Shower”. With children living in a city like ours, taking a shower in the rain might be unfamiliar, therefore, Western Australia has created opportunities for children to experience reality. Water is pumped to spray down to create rain, the ground is lined smoothly to protect the students from all scratches and injuries. Therefore, our “little farmers” are freed to enjoy a full and safe rain shower.

Under the guidance of teachers, this was an exciting and interesting picnic that not only helps children gain more knowledge about practical activities, but also creates a memory for the students to feel nature around them close and colorful.

With Creative, flexible changes in teaching and learning methods, creating a closed environment with a topic of “Natural Discovery” will help children feel more comfortable and develop a love of nature. Therefore, going to school becomes more interesting and easier.

Ms. Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Mai

Teacher of Koala 2

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