Music – Nourishing the spirit of students

When speech fails to express, music can be one’s language- the melody for words, the beat for emotions, and the rhythm for thoughts. Music is a tool to express one’s idea in his or her own creative and unique way, thus, playing an important role in the educational system.

Music may not be one of the core subjects taught in an academic institution like science, math or foreign languages, however, its part in developing and shaping students is vital. Studying music gives students an opportunity to express their thoughts, ideas, imaginations, and passions that otherwise cannot be done with academic subjects.

Music gives freedom to students’ creative minds, whereas, they are not restricted on following specific rules and formula. They have the freedom to transform, change and create their own musical pieces. Most importantly, music gives students an avenue to communicate to others who they are and what they believe in. It shapes their confidence and allows them to realize their full potential.

This is the importance of music in an educational system. It is not only a special subject to provide students with different activities and lessen their burden on academic subjects. Music is an important language to learn. It is the language of the heart.

Ms. Cathleen Faith Maderazo – Primary Music Teacher

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