The Summer of Youth

The 2019-2020 school year specifically marked the journey of maturity for The 12th Grade WASSers. Let’s travel to the land of memory where WASS teachers and students share this beautiful journey. 

Time goes on quietly … The summer is a familiar time for any student, and sometimes we take for granted things that are so familiar. For eleven years, every summer was the same! But this summer is different. The twelfth summer brought on mixed feelings of joy, sadness, nostalgia, regret, … Because this is the last summer for our year 12 students. The word “Goodbye” is unlike all the previous times, as this is the biggest farewell in the past 12 years that we would like to send to the teachers, friends and school with dear messages. 

Time has never returned for us to be grateful to the teachers who taught us so many things throughout my student life. I remember the days when my teachers and fellow students worked together on school projects, under the roof of WASS. The school has equipped us with such important knowledge to confidently step into life … confidently walking on our dream paths.

All of us, students from different regions of the country, feel really lucky and proud to have lived and studied at this “second home”. Here we have been equipped with a solid foundation of knowledge. There are always great lessons, and with all the love and dedication, teachers just kept drawing our attention. We may not remember each of those lectures, but we will also never forget the dedication of our dear teachers. We have been lucky to have been taught, not only the knowledge in books, but also the lessons of being a good person. Teachers teach us how to love, share, how to accept failure and to teach us to stand up when we fall.

Today, tomorrow and forever after this, we will never forget our “family” in our beloved school, which is filled with the love and laughter of our friends and beautiful memories. We wish all the Year 12 students a great review to prepare for the challenging exam. Hopefully, we will achieve what we want and, although I’m confident that everyone will have success in the future, we will never forget these beautiful times! Once again I wish you all success on the path to the future.

Nguyen Thi Hong Ha – Grade 12 student

I am really proud that I have had the opportunity to work at WASS to help all the students to achieve their success.  I fulfilled my career dream to educate the future leaders of the country. Every time I look at my students faces, eyes, smiles, I am filled with pride and hope. I realized my great responsibility in teaching them. What can a young teacher like me do to help them achieve those dreams? With a great love for my job, I told myself: I have to try my best, I have to do my best, I have to teach well.

My dear students! As I write down these words, my heart still cannot help but worry. Because I know there are still some mischievous students. I still remember the first lectures of my life and there are still many shortcomings. Then I looked around, looking at my colleagues who were working hard and devoted to lesson plans. And looking at you, my beloved students, are the most priceless gift for me to continue on the path of education today.

Dear 12th-grade students!

In just a short period of time, you will say goodbye to teachers and friends, away from WASS: a sad, but fond, farewell! The images of our students in the school will only remain as memories, but they shall be amazing, loving ones at that.

But right now for younger students, they are having a great time as they enjoy the summer vacation. As for the Year 12 students, this summer has become very special, because this summer is tied to the high school exams that are approaching. In front of you are important decisions and an open future. I hope and believe that you will try your best in these exams. Keep up the good work and shine for your own future.

I hope that, regardless of tomorrow, in all ways of life, no matter where you live and what you do, you will always be useful citizens of the country, able to live as kind people in the community. Don’t forget your teachers and WASS, as well as your beautiful memories as a student here. 

Nghiem Nguyen Doan Khang – Year 12 Lecture teacher

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