WASS Field trip: Life lessons from each trip

Field trips are always the most expected trips by the WASSers, not only because of the educational benefits it provides but also because students are free to explore the environment, develop and improve their social skills. In November, two field trips to Phu Loi Prison – Dai Nam Wonderland and Kizciti – Career-education theme park, have brought WASSers many new experiences. Let’s listen to our students recounting their memories of these trips.

During this practical study trip, I was able to visit Phu Loi Prison and Dai Nam Wonderland. After this trip, I have many memorable experiences. After visiting Phu Loi prison, I feel so fortunate to live in independence, freedom, and happiness, and I am also very proud of the glorious traditions of my nation.

After that, we went and discovered the zoo at Dai Nam Wonderland. In addition to playing and learning about different animals, I also learned about endangered animals, so I understood how to protect them.

I am very happy to go on this field trip this time because I have had a lot of memories with my teachers and friends. I really like this trip and hope the school will organize many more trips like that.

Pham Huynh Doan Trang – Student of class 2D 


The study tour to Phu Loi Prison and Dai Nam Wonderland made me feel very curious. Visiting Phu Loi prison, I learned more about Vietnamese history. I know that our ancestors sacrificed for the freedom of our country. Listening to stories about the heroic but also arduous battle process, I feel blessed to be born in a peaceful world without war.

After visiting Phu Loi prison, I was able to visit Dai Nam Wonderland zoo. I saw many animals like giraffes, elephants, tigers … At that time, I felt very excited and joyful. After that, we rested and played games before we left.

I really like this trip and I am also really looking forward to the next field trip so I can have fun like that again.

  Vu Khanh Nguyen – Student of class 3D 


Field trips are an opportunity for young WASSers to immerse themselves in discovering new and exciting things in life. On this trip to Kizciti – Career, an educational theme park, the children learned about various attractive jobs.

Is it too early to talk about career orientation for preschool children? When the children are still immature, they are still learning to speak, new words … That is certainly the question of many parents. But do you know? They have dreams about their future professions since the early years of their life. If you silently follow their footsteps, their actions, gestures, and words while they are playing with their friends in their own unique world, they will express their future dreams clearly.

To experience the most authentic space, during this trip, WASS Kindergarten has allowed the children to become real firefighters, dedicated doctors or police officers who always fight for good. They also became diligent farmers who nurtured the beans in the soil with the belief that the tree would grow day by day, they were able to catch the snakehead fish by themself. These experiences not only help students to enjoy the activities but also helped to build a foundation for their communication skills with the world around them.

WASS Kindergarten hopes that this meaningful journey will help your child to shape their career orientations from an early age, train them in real-life, and attractive environments. As a Kindergarten teacher, I think the early career orientation for young WASSers should be conducted from the time they are young, to create a solid foundation for their future career.

Nguyen Thi Mong Duy – WASS Kindergarten Teacher

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