Message to the loving hearts

Dear all parents and our lovely students at WASS,

Welcome to the month of December and Merry Christmas to you all.

Christmas holds a different meaning to many people around the world. Christmas is a time of giving and sharing with those around us. This includes those that we may not necessarily love and care for. It also may include those that we have never met and may never see; those that are not so fortunate and could use and need some love, support and assistance.

Recently, the Board of Directors, students and staff of WASS have brought a peaceful and warm Christmas season to alleviate the pain for cancer patients at the Department of Oncology, Children Hospital 2 when giving a total value of up to VND 150,000,000. This is also the opening activity for the school’s Hearts Connection project in December.

More specifically, on the 6th December 2019, the Western Australian International School System will be holding a fund-raising event in conjunction with our Concert. The theme for this year’s event is ‘Hearts Connection’, with monies raised used to support the HCMC Children’s Hospital and our ongoing projects of “Bringing electricity to the village” and “Accompanying friends to school” implementing the project of building schools, roads and solar power at Ban Mu Village, Tram Tau District, Yen Bai Province.)

Our school’s fund-raising event will be divided into two parts. In the afternoon, Thu Pho Stadium will be transformed into a Market Fair. Students of WASS will set-up their own stalls where they will sell a variety of items ranging from arts and crafts to items for the house as well as food and beverages. The students of WASS have spent their own time to personally handcraft a number of the items that will be sold on the day. Please take the time to support our students and our charities, by visiting our Market Fair and seeing as many stalls as possible.

A further highlight of the 6th of December is the “Hearts Connection Concert”. Students and teachers have been rehearsing over the past months to perfect a variety of singing and dancing performances for your entertainment. The songs are about Christmas and love with many of those chosen familiar to us all, which will allow the audience to be active participants. Similar to the Market Fair, funds raised from ticket sales for this concert will be used to support our two ongoing charities.

Therefore, on behalf of the Board of Principals at WASS, I would like to extend a warm invitation to all members of our school community to join us and participate in our ‘Hearts Connection’ fund-raising events. These events are an important part of building a strong bond between the staff and students of WASS and members of our school community. It also allows us, as a school community to express its mission and its responsibility to society, allowing us the opportunity to give and share to those that are not so fortunate in their lives.

Stephen Zahra

Secondary School Principal – WAP Coordinator

Western Australian International School System

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