The value of integrity

What is integrity?

If one searches the dictionary, integrity can be defined as the quality of being honest, having strong moral principles, the state of being righteous with proven probity. Or simply put, it is doing the right thing even when no one is watching or without being told.  The value of integrity becomes a goal that we continuously aspire and hope to accomplish.

For our students, they are faced with many obstacles to achieve this. More often than not, students want to do good in school in order to make their parents happy- study hard, get good grades, demonstrate proper behavior and manners; these are what we expect from them.   Unfortunately, the issue of peer and social pressure can get in the way and they might have the tendency to deviate from these expectations.  They must be moulded and guided to be conscious in making the right choices especially on how to positively make an impact to themselves, to others and to society as a whole.

As educators, it is of paramount importance to remind them that they have responsibilities and obligations as students and by doing so, we prepare them for the real world when they venture into adulthood.

Arvel John Suyo

Life Skills/CAS Teacher

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