Integrity helps me gain the belief of teachers and the love of friends

“Book is like a teacher for holding a hand, opening a mind, and warming a heart.” – Unnamed Author.
In order to help us to self-improve our life skills and to practice reading habit, at the beginning of the new school year, the Reading Culture Week was launched and the life skill lectures were integrated into every lesson by our teacher. WASS students have learned many helpful lessons from the August theme – INTEGRITY –.

We were instructed to comprehend “Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.” (C.S Lewis). Integrity is a precious and necessary virtue for everybody. It also includes the honesty which means telling the truth and helping others to get an accurate understanding of truth; having a correct decision between the right and the wrong. All of us discussed in small groups in the circle to come to the agreement. Finally, we made the decision of choosing the board in front of the class to display quotes, photos about that topic. Nowadays, class 8B became more fun and exciting than before; because all of us could have fun and study at the same time. For me, I chose to read “To Hien Thanh – The man of integrity” – an interesting book about the integrity commander. He was always determined to keep his integrity rather than the fame. Learning from his image, I have trained myself more so that I can always stand with my head high, be honest, and be respectful to protect the right things.

After understanding the importance of integrity and manifesting in the actions of daily communication, I have been receiving so many things that I have never received before. At school, integrity has helped me gain the trust of teachers and the love from friends. Always be honest, I never cheat on an exam. I am able to admit and correct my mistakes. I would like to thank the school for building the reading corner and also the reading time frame. Therefore I have a chance to self-study, learn positively and usefully lessons.

Nguyen Phuc Vinh Khang – Class 8B

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