Stay at home journal – A positive message from WASSers during the COVID – 19 outbreak

When the COVID-19 epidemic became a threat to our community, social distancing was required and our WASSers had to stay at home for their safety and wellbeing. This is a time for them to reflect, enjoy their own hobbies and pursue their dreams. Let’s take a look at interesting narratives and positive messages about life through the “Stay at home journals” written by our WASSers.

During my time at home due to the COVID – 19 epidemic, I still maintained a close connection with and was constantly updated with information from our school. Not only do we regularly inquire about the current health situation and when we can return to school, but our teachers and students regularly exchange classwork, through our online lessons.

However, during this time of school suspension, I spent more time with my family and showed more love towards them. I have more time to do things I enjoy, such as cooking by myself, reading a book, or watching a movie. But my favourite moment was reading the book  “Chicken soup for the soul”. Apart from the time of studying online and completing homework, I often read the book from page to page without getting bored.  Every time I read, I learn more about the values ​​of life and values ​​of humanity. It helps me overcome difficulties, and can help me stand up after failing.

(Discovering great books is a favorite hobby of WASSers)

In addition, I voluntarily did housework, such as cleaning the house, cooking meals and other chores,  instead of waking up and going to school every morning. That’s when I realised the importance of being self-aware, well-groomed, responsible for myself and care for other people and family members.

 From the first days of the COVID-19 disease outbreak, every morning I woke up and read the newspapers to receive updated information on the situation. I have never followed the press so seriously. From the original feelings of  bewilderment and anxiety, I  now know how to select information intelligently, reminding myself to follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and knowing that “Staying at home is patriotic.”

Even though I have matured, I have always received attention and protection from my parents. However, since the outbreak, I have become more aware of myself rather than rely on others to always remind me. I feel I have to live more responsibly, look after my health and wear a mask to protect myself, my family and the community. I also use social media to share beautiful stories from Tuoi Tre Newspaper, because I know this information will be useful for many people. I really look forward to reading the touching stories about everyday life. I remember fondly the articles about the lady offering her own earrings and money to support COVID-19 treatment, or the heartwarming stories of local people who sent pumpkin, eggs and vegetables to the quarantine area or,  the two students who donated their savings to help with the prevention of COVID-19. There were many more stories that warmed the heart and showed the positive side of humanity in Tuoi Tre newspaper. Such positive articles make me feel and understand the importance of life during these difficult times. My self-awareness also increased when reading these news reports because I learned everyone in society was in this together. It makes me happier and more aware.

After this outbreak, I realised the value of life and family love. Moreover, I recognised my responsibility in life and the importance of, spreading positivity and love. Staying at home is fun, and reminds me to appreciate what I have, “Slow down to see the goodness in life.”

Nguyen Thi Hong Ha – Grade 12 student

We are all surprised that the danger of the COVID -19 pandemic has lasted so long. I really feel blessed to be living in Vietnam. Thanks to the guidance of the government and the companionship and sacrifice of millions of soldiers, doctors, volunteers and the entire people of the country, we have temporarily recognized the successes in the first steps to fighting against the epidemic. Along with the message “At home is patriotism,” every home, every individual chose a different way of living slowly. For me, this is also the best time to listen to myself, my family and my dreams. Staying at home for several months, I have turned this time of social isolation into a very valuable period of my life and I have tried to make the most of it. I was able to live every exciting moment and spend time on my  new passion in life. I’ve tried so many things that I haven’t been able to before. I have also spent time with the most important people in my life, done things that make me happy, eat good food and slowly enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday life because to me, this time is so valuable.

học phí chương trình tú tài quốc tế ibdp có cao không

(WASS students took practical activities during the COVID – 19 school break)

My stay at home schedule involved the following: Studying painting with my mother, exercising with my father, helping my parents to do chores around the house, practicing famous musical pieces of Beethoven on the piano, and spending time alone studying the planets of the solar system and the possibility of the existence of life on these planets. It sounds like a great deal, but it is my passion. There were times when I simply sat by the window to observe the empty street, and only witnessed a few people, even during rush hour and observed the world around me with my sister every morning and before sundown. I know that in Vietnam, there are many people who are fighting against the epidemic, lacking medical equipment and are in poor conditions. In the midst of this epidemic, at this point, I find myself one of the lucky ones. Although there has not been a notice of returning to school yet, my friends: “Always remain optimistic, have positive thoughts in life and make good use of this time to do meaningful things to make us and our loved ones happy”.

Hoang Tran Binh Minh – Student of class 7B 

During quarantine, I’ve done a lot of useful things that helped me explore more about myself and learn more about the world. 

I’ve been waiting for a long time to study Spanish and review my Chinese, now I have plenty of time and am very enthusiastic to learn. Moreover, through many hours of homework and lectures, I finally reached my goal and achieved the IELTS score I needed. 

I have also progressed in a positive direction in reaching my career goal since my coach in the STEAM club sent me the website to apply to Stanford for the online coding class. Sadly, I’m still too young to attend this class and it ran out of space since the course only accepts one hundred students,  but more than 80,000 applications were received. However, without any sorrow, I’m now learning MIT online classes for advanced coders and I’m about to learn AP Computer Science. Just talking about this makes me feel positive and enthusiastic about my future. 

Học bằng tú tài quốc tế IB ở đâu

(The free time has helped WASSers plan their future more clearly)

Furthermore, I’m starting to believe that making pastry is somehow not my cup of tea even though I love it. I’ve made 2 attempts to make a simple cake such as the Classic Victoria sandwich (don’t be fooled by its name, it’s actually a normal sponge cake). However, I failed twice. Nonetheless, I made crème brûlée and it was tasty. I tried to make several Italian dishes such as the scrumptious Lasagna and Carbonara pasta, and I was successful.

Not only focusing on skills and talents I also took time to reflect on my mental health. I started meditation by taking a break from social media, as well as reading motivation quotes every day to remember about the purpose of life. 

I miss school, as it is a place where I can see my friends and teachers every day and hopefully that day will arrive soon enough so we don’t have to take time during summer to study. 

Phan Bao Anh (Julie) – WA10 

As scientists from all over the world are racing to find the cure for COVID – 19, and governments are struggling to sustain their economy and social life, the practice of social distancing and self-hygiene, is no longer a requirement but is a responsibility that everyone must take in society. 

After becoming tired of lying in bed all day, I became determined to take this free time to follow my passions and honing my strengths. Every day, I “submerged” myself into the world of music by playing the guitar and actually writing my own songs. I started to cook more, learn new dishes, and discover interests in cooking as well. I gradually fixed my sleeping schedule and habits, and I no longer feel like a sloth in the morning anymore. I kept myself physically active doing calisthenics (which I unexpectedly enjoyed), and spent more time with my family.

ký túc xá trường quốc tế là môi trường giúp học sinh hòa nhập

(Physical activities help students feel more lively and less boring)

I also used my time to find and apply to online community organizations such as volunteers (or “ambassadors”) as well as embark on scholarship hunting. These activities require certain skills that I’ve never practiced, they allow me to improve my weaknesses, and sharpen my strengths and also fill my empty curriculum vitae/resume. In conclusion, I’ve utilized this period for productive activities and rejuvenated my schedule. This pandemic has made me realise that sometimes slowing down and taking a break from competitions isn’t necessarily bad, and before I know it, I started to develop a new point of view for “improvement”.

Nguyen Tien Dung – WA10

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