Official announcement about WASSers return to school

Dear Parents, 

Based on the directive No 1221/KH-GDDT-VP on 29th April 2020 by Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training, in relation to students returning to school, the Board of Principals at WASS would like to formally inform students’ parent’s crucial information as detailed below:


  1. Students’ return time frame:
No Year/Grade Commence Date Note
1 Year 9, 12 Billingual  04/05/2020 (Monday) Students study for a half-day and will receive general announcement and activities 

on 04/05/2020 with their homeroom teachers. 

On 05/05/2020, the newly adjusted timetable will apply.

2 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 Bilingual and


Year 9 International

08/05/2020 (Friday) Students study for a half-day and will receive general announcements and activities on 08/05/2020 with their homeroom teachers. 

On 11/05/2020, the newly adjusted timetable will apply.

3 1, 2, 3 Bilingual and International 11/05/2020 (Monday) Students study for half of the day on 11/05/2020 with their homeroom teachers. 

On 12/05/2020, the newly adjusted timetable will apply.

4 Pre-Primary, Kangaroo 18/05/2020 (Monday)  
5 Koala, Wombat 25/05/2020 (Monday)  
6 Penguin 01/06/2020 (Monday)  
  1. Adjusted timetable and school year calendar
  • The last day of school: 
  • Kindergarten to Year 11: 17/07/2020
  • Year 12: 01/08/2020

– Makeup classes schedule:

  • Not applicable for kindergarten
  • Primary and Secondary Bilingual Program schedules will be revised for makeup classes, with an additional 14 periods per week (8 periods of the international program, 6 periods of Vietnamese program with Bilingual program). These will be organised during the last period of each day and on Saturday. 
  • Primary and Secondary International Program schedules will be revised for makeup classes, with an additional 14 periods per week (14 periods of the international program). These will be organised during the last period of each day and on Saturday.
  • Daily break time is reorganised to ensure the break and lunchtimes are staggered, to avoid students gathering in crowded spaces at the same time. 
  • All online classes will be suspended from 04/05/2020, except for Kindergarten.

After this time, weekly learning content, homework and some activities will be posted on the Google Classroom system, so that parents can follow students’ learning programs.

  • The adjusted timetable will be sent to parents between 04/05/2020 to 06/05/2020. lợi ích và thách thứ khi học chương trình song ngữ sớm

(Students of WASS will return to school starting this May 2020)

  1. Summer Program 2020

The school will only organise Summer School Program 2020 for Kindergarten and Pre Year 1 students for those students who are entering Year 1. The details are as follows: 

  • Kindergarten: from 20/07/2020 to 14/08/2020.
  • Hello school for year 1: From 20/07/2020 to 07/08/2020
  1. Adjusted 2019 – 2020 tuition fee 

Based on the school year-end as previously stated, the makeup classes and the calculation of real studying time of each year level, the school will send tuition fee calculation tables in conjunction with the real studying time of each student in 2019- 2020 to parents via email before 16/05/2020. 

Differential fees and tuitions fee will be refunded to the parents before 21/07/2020. 

  1. Students’ pick-up and drop-off service

To ensure students’ safety and to apply the social distancing regulation of government health departments, students are not allowed to gather in the halls and have to stay inside their classroom with their homeroom teacher during the pick-up and drop-off time. Therefore, parents please kindly follow our following request in terms of picking-up and dropping-off: 

  • Using FetchKids to inform the Homeroom teachers with regards to students’ pick-up and drop-off. Please turn on GPS and inform homeroom teachers 15 minutes in advance before coming to the school so that the teacher can accompany the student to the hallway. 
  • The students’ drop-off and pick-up are only practised at the gates of each campus, not in the hallways of the school buildings.
  • The vehicles will only stop for dropping-off and picking-up to follow the regulated social distancing rules. 
  • The hallways are not to be permitted for entrance or gathering. 
  • Wear facial masks when coming to school. 
  • Follow the guidelines issued by drop-off and pick-up staff.
  • Times to drop off students is from 7:00 am in the morning and the time to pick up students is before 17:15 in the afternoon.
  • Parents who would like to pick up their children before the end of the final period, please inform the school office at least 30 minutes in advance so the student can be conveniently arranged and support provided to move to the pick-up point. 
  1. Contact the school
  • All homeroom teachers are not picking students up in the hallway in the morning as done previously; however, they will be picking students up in the classroom. Therefore, parents who would like to have a discussion with homeroom teachers, please contact her/him via email. Please do not contact the teachers via telephone during the working hours.
  • Parents who would like to have a discussion with the Board of Principals or related departments, please contact the school office via telephone (028) 7109 5077 or email office@wass.local in advance for appointment request. The school will arrange the appointment within 48 working hours. 
  • The school will not have parents’ meetings during the pick-up, drop-off hours nor students’ lunch break. 
  • Parents and guests who are entering the school’s campus have to fill in the health declaration form, wear facial masks as well as follow the instructions of Covid-19 Prevention. The school reserves the right to refuse parents/ guests from entering the school campus if parents possibly have Covid-19 symptoms or do not follow the regulated guideline of Covid-19 Prevention.
  1. Crucial information with regards to Covid – 19 Prevention
  • Students need to temporarily stay at home and inform the school office in these cases: 
  • Students and family members who have been in contact with infected citizens  and/or having been kept in isolation within the past 14 days;
  • Students, teachers, staff who have respiratory symptoms such as cough, sneezing, sore throat, fever, chest pain/ache, breathing difficulty, or unable to smell or taste.
  • Note: For students needing to stay home for the reasons above or require time to be treated for the disease, homeroom teachers will be put in contact with the students to ensure the students’ daily learning progress. 
  • Students’ body temperature will be measured 3 times per day, to ensure the health of the students. If the student’s temperature is equal to or higher than 37.8° or has any symptoms related to COVID-19, students will be brought to the isolation room. After having been inspected a second time in the medical care room, if the student has a fever or other related symptoms to COVID-19, parents are invited to pick-up their child and take them home for further medical checks. The student can be back to school if there is no fever or other related symptoms after 48 hours. 
  • Students (excluding preschool and kindergarten) need to wear facial masks during their time at school. Parents please prepare facial masks for the students and place a few extra facial masks in the student’s bag for the case that students might lose their facial masks. 
  • The school is preparing dry hand-wash liquid in each classroom, common areas as well as the hall. However, students are encouraged to bring their own hand wash to promote hygienically healthy habits. 
  • Students are required to bring their own personal water bottle neatly sealed with their name on it and prepare an extra bottle in their own personal locker. 
  • The school is supplementing extra vitamin C and green vegetables in the daily menu for the health of the students. All salad and raw food items will be replaced by boiled vegetables. 
  • Parents please guide the students to have limited contact with all possible transmissions of COVID-19; keep the body warm, ensure personal hygiene, frequently wash their hands with soap, use hygienic mouthwash liquid; and cover their mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing to minimise the respiratory virus. 

WASS gratefully thanks the parents’ for their patience and cooperation during the school’s suspension due to COVID-19. We understand the school methods practised may result in disruptions to students’ learning as well as possibly cause parents’ inconvenience. Nevertheless, for the health and safety of students as well as the community, we do appreciate parents’ kind support and cooperation in this matter. 

Any inquiries or constructed suggestions, please contact the school office 028 7109 5077 or email office@wass.local

Sincerely yours, 

Board of Principals at WASS

Western Australian International School System

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