Some notes that parents should be aware of when sending their children to International schools

When sending their children to International schools HCMC, some parents tend to  focus on tuition fees and “perfect” curriculum program. This is regardless of whether the school is  financially viable for their children to study at. Here are some notes that parents should know when thinking about sending their children to international schools.

Aspects such as the quality of the extracurricular program and modern facilities are one of the first considerations when parents choose an Internationals schools HCMC. However, choosing a suitable environment for the children and the economic condition of the family is unnoticed. This is perhaps  why some parents have to change schools for their children after only a few weeks.

Focusing on  an international curriculum

Parents who send their children to International schools HCMC choose an international curriculum as they expect their child to develop skills, languages and study in an advanced learning environment. However, this option is  suitable for children whose parents orient their children to study, work or settle abroad at a later stage

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Some parents believe that studying at an International school involves learning an International curriculum

As a result  it is sometimes difficult for children to keep up or study a curriculum based entirely in English. One side effect of studying a wholly international  curriculum is Vietnamese is not understanding the mother language and cultural values of Vietnam if parents do not spend time with their children after school. By combining an international program with that of the the  Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam, students are more able to successfully focus on developing an international perspective by focusing more on globalisation whilst still keeping Vietnamese cultural values in mind.

Not ensure if long-term financially secured for child learning at International schools HCMC

Tuition fees at international schools are fairly expensive. In addition, parents must also have enough money to pay for other school fees, such as outdoor activities and practical activities.

Parents should consider that both parents and children are confident with the learning environment. Many families want their child to study at international schools but after a few years, money will become the biggest burden and may affect the development of children.

Is this International schools HCMC environment right for your child?

Although International schools HCMC are committed to caring and developing competencies of each student, parents need to consider a learning environment based on their child’s abilities, interest and personality as well. Many families have had to change schools for their children because they are not confident, satisfied and they have to accept values that are not suitable for them.

Parents need to carefully consider and build their own clear criteria or action plan and help their children identify the limitation of learning in international schools and offset difficulties they meet at international schools.

What’s at WASS?

We understand the concerns of parents when choosing international schools. WASS offers a variety of international standard programs for students of all ages from kindergarten to year 12 including:

  • Bilingual program: Designed harmoniously between the curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam and three subjects according to the Western Australian curriculum and assessment framework.
  • International program: Students access an international academic program which is learning each subject in English. During 2020 – 2021 school year, WASS will be launching the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE), American Diploma Pathway (ADP) and The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) to give students more opportunities to learn and gain entry to the top universities all around the world.

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WASSers are fully developed skills and personalities suitable for each students 

Beside that, WASS also care about the development of a child’s personality and talent though unique teaching methods, soft skills classes and talent clubs. Thishelps WASSers become global citizens with the dynamic, enthusiasm and passion of the youth with affordable tuition fees.

With modern facilities, systems and equipment; with experienced and dedicated team of foreign and Vietnamese teachers, WASS always strives to bring students a dynamic and healthy learning environment.

We hope that these factors will help parents consider and have suitable choices. WASS will be the right choice for your child to study in a modern and international environment.

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