How to build your child’s bravery
Bravery seems very complex but extremely simple. The greatest meaning of Courage; is to overcome our fears ourselves. That is the message that Maria Ngoc Thuy – Speakers – Psychologists shared in the seminar “How to build your child’s bravery”, at the WAPS School Hall on the 25th of October.
 Christopher Poole Johnson Academic Director

The comprehensive development of students is not only reflected in their health, physical appear once but also in spirit. To prepare them the best for life’s journey, students need to be receptive to daily practiced spiritual lessons from the school and their parents. Having stable emotions will help them face their difficulties, failures and any hurdles in life, and a strong desire to overcome all obstacles.

The seminar “How to build your child’s bravery” was hold on 25th of October by renown – psychologist Maria Ngoc Thuy – psychological adviser for FAA USA, helped parents understand and analyze the psychology of fear, and ways to deal with it.

IMG_8208speakers – psychologist Maria Ngoc Thuy – psychological adviser of FAA USA

Social development, material basics have increased. However, character education for children has never been outdated. Parents and the school always want to see our students learn, face and overcome any of life’s difficulties by themselves, as this will demonstrate their determination courage and independence.

In fact, famous world leader’s; talented business leaders in the world were experience life is difficulties and challenges daily, yet they are strong minded and make tough decisions. Bill Gates – the billionaire who is always present in the list of 10 richest people in the World. He has repeatedly overcome many disasters in business, some of which almost cost him his career and company. Nevertheless, his determination and his ability to overcome fear, has brought him to success today.

We can see different acts of bravery daily, but these acts need to e explained by parents and teachers. Or how to motivate, explain and guide them to deal with a problem Vy Khanh’s mother – 8th grade said: “In the course of training to join the final round of the Dancing with the stars contest 2015, she had to hover, but, Vy Khanh is very scared of heights; during the practice, she was hurt and cried a lot. Throughout this time, it was so painful, to watch but more than anyone else I understood her passion so I decided to be by her side and encourage her to continue working hard to achieve her dream”. Finally, Vy Khanh achieved a gold medal in this contest by when faced with problems, children tend to evade the problem, and not seek help. So teachers and parents need to analyze, guide and encourage their children to solve problems her determination and courage.

During this seminar, WAPS hope, that  parents will get useful information to understand and help their children to build courage, confidence and other traits, which are parts of WAPS Character Education Program, because more than anything, WAPs always believes that courage is a core value of personality.

Thien Nhan

Western Australian International School System

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