What did the WASS community say about the Hearts Connection concert?

The “Hearts Connection” Concert and Fair was filled with the excitement and enthusiasm of all the teachers and WASSers from all 5 campuses of WASS. The feelings from the event seemed to still remain intact in the memories of the students. Let’s listen to our students’ experiences of participating in the WASS fundraising event.

Participating in the “Hearts Connection” concert & fair, I felt that this was a very meaningful activity of the school.  To support students who were in difficult circumstances, our school organised this fundraising event. At the market fair, the teachers along with the students had made very nice products, beautiful paintings, and delicious food. At the Hearts Connection music concert, the teachers selected very good songs and all of my friends performed very well. Our whole class also participated in a small performance. I am very happy to contribute and help the students from rural areas to have the opportunity to go to school. I hope that the students in Yen Bai will have a new and spacious school to study well. I wish you all a Merry Christmas. 

Dang Ngoc Gia Han – Students of class 3B


Coming to Christmas this year, I was able to enjoy a “music party” that was really uplifting, and emotional. This party had remarkable performances that contained noble human values and conveyed messages of Love to the Hearts of everyone who attended the Hearts Connection concert.

Each performance was an elaborate investment of teachers and students of WASS. I felt very touched and proud to hear the songs, and watch meaningful dances. Each lyric of the songs contain stories about a good future and the love and compassion of the people.


The noble purpose of this program is to use all the money that was donated to the charity to build roads and schools in Yen Bai. There are lots of children who don’t have access to education and the students are longing for it. Looking at the dirty faces and the thin clothes in the freezing winter weather made me feel loved and I admired the children immensely. Besides this project, some proceeds from the music concert was also donated to help cancer patients who are struggling daily to live.

I feel proud and grateful that I have been able to attend such a big and meaningful event. I would like to thank the school, teachers and everyone for their efforts in creating a successful music night. I hope that the school will have so many great events so that we have the opportunity to spread love, and warmth to get closer together.

Chau Tung Nguyen – Students of class 10C


As a student at WASS, I am extremely proud to participate in the meaningful activities organised by the school. Heart Connection is one of such events.

Hearts Connection is an activity in the framework of monthly marketplaces combined with the Christmas music night which was held on 06/12, in the Phu Tho Stadium. With the goal of connecting more than 3000 hearts, giving children in Yen Bai a learning environment and helping cancer patients, Hearts Connection is one of the community-based projects organised by WASS.

When I learned about the meaning of the program, I was extremely excited. I did not expect that when I buy small gifts for myself, it can also help those in need. At the Fair, the teachers prepared delicious, nutritious, and affordable food, as well as, so many colorful Christmas souvenirs. Besides this, there were also extremely interesting game booths. Not only were we immersed in a colorful market, we also enjoyed a music concert performed by the WASSers. It was a grand and meaningful music night, and the show was full of love and passion.

I think that this is a very meaningful project and, as a student, I look forward to accompanying the school throughout the project.  I really want to see the children in Yen Bai province go to a much better school, as well as, to light the fire of hope for the cancer patients at the Children’s Hospital 2.

Le Nguyen An Phuong – Students of class 8C


The Hearts Connection concert and fair has spread warm love to everyone in the cold weather at the end of the year. That warmth comes from the loving hearts of the students and their teachers of the WASS Kindergarten, and the generosity of parents to join hands in building a community. This concert had a deep meaning. Our little WASSers did their best to show all the wonderful performances. They are small but they did understand the meaning of the music night they participated in. With their friends and teachers, the little students also put their hearts into creating small products with great meaning that were sold at the fair to raise funds to help the children in difficult circumstances.

Hopefully, with the love that WASS sent to the students in Mu village, Yen Bai province, they will eliminate some of the difficult things that they shouldn’t have at this age. I hope that the students of WASS Kindergarten will be able to participate in meaningful events like this because it helps to nurture the good things in their young hearts.

Nguyễn Thảo Giang – Kindergarten’s teacher

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