WASS welcome all students back to school

After a long time of separation, all students were “reunited” to WASS family. The students clearly expressed their joy and radiance on the day they saw their teachers and friends again. The campus and classrooms were once again filled with the laughter of our WASSers.

The interesting and exciting activities in the first activity will be the “warm-up” to help students regain their inspiration and passion for learning. They also received red envelopes from their homeroom teachers. These are the wishes of health and luck that teachers of WASS want to send to the students. We hope that the WASSers will be full of energy for the rest of the school year and have great experiences at WASS.



The health and safety of our students is always the school’s top priority. Before back to school day, the school organizes thorough cleaning and disinfection of classrooms, equips them with necessary medical supplies as well as trains teachers at WASS on options to ensure health and safety for the students.

Once again, the Western Australia School System would like to thank the parents and students for always trusting and accompanying the school during the past time. This is a great motivation for WASS to constantly try and perfect to bring the most advanced, modern and safe educational path for students.

Let’s look back at the exciting and exciting moments on the “return” day of the WASSers!

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