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After a long time, recently, WASS’s campus seemed to be “awakened”, bustling with the laughter of WASSers who were returning to school after a long break.

After a long time without hearing the laughter, the voices of teachers in lectures, and the sounds from students talking to each other, the first few days of December have marked an importance when the Western Australian School System, along with other schools in Ho Chi Minh City, officially welcome the Grade 9-12 students back to school.

“Like all teachers and students, I feel very happy and excited about this important day.” – Mr. Nguyen Minh Duong, 12A Homeroom teacher.

Right from the first days of receiving the information, all WASS teachers have guided students on measures to prevent the disease and implemented the school’s safety plan for them.

“Coming back to school after a long break makes me feel like the first day of school, there is joy, nervousness and anxiety. The school prepares very carefully in terms of  hygiene and disinfection, as well as equipping it with a temperature monitor and hand sanitizer.” – WASSer Le Le Vy, class 12B.

“I’m very happy to be back to school after a long break to see my teachers and friends and will  have interesting lessons with them. However, we have to separate the class size in order to ensure social distancing. It makes me feel a little bit unfamiliar.” – WASSer Bui Minh Thu, class 9A.

The school also strictly implements testing measures to ensure the safety and create the best conditions for students to study. Class size is split into two to ensure a maximum of 15 students per class.

Temporarily hugging, talking to each other from afar, but we can feel the joyful moments via gestures of joy and excitement, everyone has a special emotion.

“The night before, I could barely sleep thinking about the day I could come back to school. And when I meet my friend again, even though I really want to shake hands and hug them, we still only greet each other from afar to ensure the safety for myself and everyone else. In addition, I have prepared hand sanitizer as well as masks so that I can wash my hands often as well as help my friends when they are indeed. Although the school has been disinfected and fully equipped, I think that it is important for each individual to equip themselves to be more careful.” – WASSer Bui Ngoc Tran, class 12A.

After students from grades 6 to 12 are vaccinated, we hope that the journey back to school will become easier.

“I would like to express my thanks to the Western Australian School System, the teachers and staff for their efforts to prepare everything for our safety when going to school to conquer knowledge. I know “I would like to thank the Western Australian International School System, the teachers and staff for their efforts to prepare everything to help us feel secure when going to school to conquer knowledge. I know that the last year of high school is very important, so I will not stop trying, working hard and doing my best in every class as well as continue to combine online learning and self-study at home in an active and self-disciplined way. I believe that the difficulties and challenges ahead will be an opportunity for us to become stronger, better adapt to the changing world to become a true citizen of the 4.0 era.” – WASSer Bui Ngoc Tran, class 12A.

After 2 weeks of piloting direct teaching and learning, WASS hopes that we could welcome all students back to school to participate in exciting lessons and activities soon.

“The journey ahead will be challenging due to the complicated pandemic situation, teachers and WASSers are always prepared to be able to adapt to specific cases and circumstances. I believe that the difficulties we are facing now will make all of us become brave, confident and flexible to adapt in a changing world. Especially for senior students, all of this is a solid motivation to help them firmly step into the future and “spread the wings” to make glorious dreams come true.” – Mr. Nguyen Minh Duong, Lecturer 12A.

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