WAPSers prepared for Music Show welcoming Teacher’s day

The atmosphere at WAPs was bustling and cheerful as ever when all of WAPS classes practiced and prepared for The Music Show at Lan Anh Stage on 19th November.  

Last Wednesday the 18th November, WAPSers had a rehearsal at Lan Anh stage where they got used to the atmosphere and space, as well as preparing for a night of spectacular and fascination. The mood was of suspense and excitement as the students were exposed to a huge stage with twinkling lights and a professional working atmosphere.

True to the meaningful concept, affection and gratitude of students, they fully prepared for every step, every story and every drop of sweat and effort they spent perfecting each jump, song and performance on stage.

Let’s take a look at some lovely photos of our students in the rehearsing:

Praticed the song "Nguoi Thay" fluently with meaningful dancing
Praticed the song “Nguoi Thay” fluently with meaningful dancing
"Giac mo canh co" - one of the most fascinating performance
“Giac mo canh co” – one of the most fascinating performance

Minh Huynh

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