The spooky Halloween by WASSers at WASS

Although it’s not a national holiday in Vietnam, there are many students interested and curious about Halloween. Halloween is not to be missed at The Western Australian International School System, it has already “landed” to all WASS’s campuses in which there are ‘creepy, crawly’ spaces  with plenty of fun activities, sports, and teamwork games, which are particular to the ghost festival,  leaving all WASSers the interesting and helpful lessons during this season. 

The spooky Halloween by WASSers at WASS

Lễ hội Halloween ma mị của WASSers Tây Úc

On the spooky and mysteriously decorated corners at the campuses, WASSers can freely unleash their creepy and monstrous costumes, makeup, and disguise themselves suitable for the festival, in the many characters such as witches, ghosts, goblins, trolls, the grim reaper, Death, ghost cats, princess,… and other favorite comic characters. WASSers can feel excited and happy to “show off” in order to create their own most spooky and cutest memories. Not only that, students can be immersed in festival atmosphere through various activities for instance, decorating monsters’ school gate, the class corners and school square based on their own  Halloween-style.

Originating from the Halloween season coming and being in creepy costumes, stand in front of every classroom and department at WASS in order to knock the doors and say “trick or treat”, and after the activity, WASSers can enjoy hundreds of sweets and biscuits. Halloween is the chance to teach WASSers about how to say thanks in a meaningful way when you receive things from others, and should not be selfish but always help people around you.

Lễ hội Halloween ma mị của WASSers Tây Úc

Lễ hội Halloween ma mị của WASSers Tây Úc

This is the interesting chance that all WASSers can learn about the customs of the Western culture, all students can enhance their creativity, and strengthen their cooperative learning skills, their integrity and communication skills through individual and collective games. We believe that it will make unforgettable memories and meaningful messages with teachers and friends.

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