Tips to get a higher result in the final test

In March, WASSers  start to prepare for the mid-semester and final semester tests, so what are some tips for them to get a higher result?!

Our mid-semester examinations are coming closer and closer and the common question I received from parents and students is how can the students perform well in the exams. There are two familiar answers. Firstly, students need to carefully prepare for the examination and secondly students should learn study skills prior to entering the exam room.

To gain a better score the revision of content studied in class must be a common practice from the start of the semester. This includes completing all class activities and assigned homework tasks. If a student leaves it until the day before entering the exam to commence a learning project then their ability to understand and use the content is drastically reduced. Therefore students will not have enough confidence to enter into the mid-term exam readily.

The other important thing is that exams are used not just for testing the memory but also for examining the ability of students to analyse summarize and then apply their understanding to a range of contexts. To understand these concepts, revision needs to occur regularly, which is why it is common practice for our teachers to review the content of the previous work before introducing new concepts, vocabulary or content.

This is the reason why all teachers at WASS regularly review the previous lessons before teaching new topics and knowledge. Revision needs to be more than just reading, it also requires the students putting into practice what they have learnt.

Once in the exam room, it is important for the students to be relaxed and enter with their mind free from distraction. Being well-prepared will assist the student in achieving this.

During the exam it is important the student READ the question and answers what the question is asking, NOT what the student thinks it is asking. Thus, if students are participating regularly in class, completing both class and homework and activities and review in an ongoing manner they will achieve the results they deserve in their exams.

Lets get our students ready for the examination and confident to reach the best achievement.

Stephen Zahra – WASS Vice Principal

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