Spread respect in schools

Respect needs to be cultivated and practiced regularly.  Respect plays a key role in maintaining relationships between people.  Learning how to respect the effort, ability, and opinions of other people will help students succeed in academic and social life.  Therefore, spreading respect in school is the theme that WASS communicated to pupils in the living values education program during October.

First of all, respect is expressed through the culture of saying “hello” and positive interactions with teachers and elders, especially in schools.  This includes janitors, security guards, kitchen staff, teachers and visitors in the school. These are small but significant acts.

In addition, the teachers also encourage children to learn to listen to and respect the opinions of others while not interrupting.  Teaching students to say polite words, such as “thank you” and “sorry,” is also a way to help the children express respect.  Over time, mutual respect develops.

The teachers and the children at WASS work together daily to build a culture of respect in the school that will spread and make life increasingly pleasant.

Luong Thi Bich Ngoc – WASS Teacher


The more we give, the more we receive. That is the right living style we should know. There are a lot of things we can give to each other. They may be tangible or intangible like experiences, encouragement, the sympathy, etc. One of the things we can give, spread in the environment we live in and do it is the respect. When we respect the people around us, the opposite will also receive respect from them. And so, life will be more cheerful and kind.

One thing we can give to others where we live and work is respect.  When we respect the people around us, they will also respect us in return.  This fills our lives with more kindness.

As a teacher at WASS, I strive to instill good values and build positive relationships with my colleagues. I am happy that my fellow teachers strive to create a comfortable environment, support each other, and help each other through the academic year.

Nguyen Thi Phuong Trinh – WASS Teacher


Respect is proper conduct, attitude, respect, honor, and dignity of other people’s interests, irrespective of gender, qualifications, age, wealth, religion, or ethnicity.  Not only that, we have to respect the living space and the environment around others.  These are the things that the teacher taught their students in the values of life studies this October.

Teachers, parents, and others serve as the role model for the children to follow so when they show mutual respect and observance of rules where they live the children learn from their example. Accordingly, we should also listen to the opinions, analysis, and reviews of others.  As well as say hello to our supervisors, support staff, service providers, security guides, and older people.

With guidance, students learn what to do and not to do. Thank you for your interest in this subject and continued support as I work hard to teach the students how to positively mature every single day.

Bui Minh Tri – class 3C


School is the main place where I learn many things about right and wrong from their teachers and friends. This October WASS worked to spread respect in school by encouraging student to help each other with their work.

The teachers always guide and remind me to be polite, to say “thank you” and “sorry” when needed, and to greet parents and teachers. Especially, students don’t litter indiscrimina and don’t make noise at libary. Every small action helps me to understand and respect others as well as themselves.

There is great value in spreading respect in school and the community.  I hope that everyone will work together for a good life.

Nguyen Tran Y An – Grade 4D

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