Sending love to half of the world

International Women’s Day 8/3 is an opportunity for WASSers to express their sincere feelings to their mothers, grandmothers and teachers, who still love, care and teach them every day.

Besides, the boys of WASS also did not forget to send the girls wishes and cute gifts on this special day.

Well-written cards, carefully wrapped gifts and the most sincere gratitude have been given by WASSers to their beloved Women. These are definitely the most meaningful, precious and complete gifts.


More specifically, WASS also gave a small gift to the female students of the school. The succulent pots are strong and always shine through any circumstances. Hope all of the girls of WASS will always be beautiful, smart and confident to shine in your own ways.

Let’s take a look back at the special moments of International Women’s Day at WASS!



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