Seminar “Teaching children discipline without whips” gets parents’ attention

On the morning of March 29, Western Australian Primary and High School successfully organized a seminar called “Teaching children discipline without whips.” Parents’ reactions were positive. During the seminar, Associate Professor Huỳnh Văn Sơn shared his experience with actual cases and talked about the harmful effects of parents, teachers and other education specialists using whips.
More than 100 parents came to hear Associate Professor Huỳnh Văn Sơn speak. He shared his concerns about physical and emotional violence in children’s education. In primary school, children are very sensitive; they make mistakes easily and need their parents’ guidance.

During the seminar, Western Australian Primary and High School also introduced a financial investment package to the parents, in order to help them provide their children a sustainable future. Dr. Trần Văn Rũng, Chairman of the Board of International Education Development in Indochina and headmaster of WAPS, said: “Parents who want to invest do not have to worry about additional fees. After their child has completed 12 school years, parents get a refund of 120% of the amount they invested with the Standard package for bilingual programs, and 110% of the amount they invested with the Premium package for the WAPS program. The special thing about the financial investment packages at WAPS is that families can change the beneficiary, if the original beneficiary does not need the support anymore.” The seminar was received positively by the parents. Here are some photos from the conference:

Many parents attended the seminar
Associate Professor Huỳnh Văn Sơn talked about problems and concerns in children’s development
Many parents asked questions, and experts answered the questions
Phương Mỹ Chi performed at the seminar
Phương Thảo contributed a dance
Parents who attended the seminar even received gifts

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