Proud achievements of WASSers on Stem Science Contest 2017

Recently, after a period of creative research, members of the WASS team had the opportunity to compete with other teams in STEM Contest organized by Department of Science & Technology and Department of Education & Training. The group had many excellent achievements.

On October 28th, three STEM competitions were held at the Department of Science & Technology of Ho Chi Minh City with unique examinations to promote practical application and creation for students. At the same time, it provided opportunities for teachers to update, share knowledge and products in the STEM field, promoting the innovative organization of class and improving the quality of teaching.

“STEM ROBOT” is a creative and useful playground where students have the opportunity to experience STEM and STEAM knowledge with two areas and topics:

+ Robot Wedo 2.0 and EV3 – Creature and habitat

+ Transport of goods Robot – Creative Science

“SCIENCE IN YOUR HOME” requires contestants to use Engineering, Technology and Science to create high application products in their homes.

“STEM COMPUTER SCIENCE” requires contestants to apply STEM, STEAM, choose ideas and use Scratch software to design an animated clip that shows the beauty of the city with intelligent devices.

With intensive training, creativity and inquisitiveness, our WASSers had many opportunities to widen their knowledge, learn from friends and bring excellent results this time!


  • Steam Wass 5: Second Prize.
    • Dinh Quoc Huy – 6A
    • Chen Quan Thang – 7B
    • Hoang Phuc Gia Bao – 7B

  • Steam Wass 1: Consolation prize.
    • Đoan Minh An Khoi – 2A
    • Nguyen Ha My – 2A
    • Nguyen Minh Khang – 2A


  • Steam Wass 6: Third Prize.
    • Nguyen Hoang Nam – 5A
    • Nguyen Chau Anh – 5A
    • Nguyen Gia Han – 5A


  • Steam Wass 8: Third Prize.
    • Nguyen Pham Anh Minh – 11B
    • Ton Nguyen Huu Tam – 11B

  • Steam Wass 7: Consolation prize.
    • Vo Anh Khoi – 9A
    • Tran Gia Khai – 9A
    • Le Ngoc Đong Nghi – 9A


  • Second Prize: Cô Nguyen Thi Thu Huong.

Once again, let’s congratulate WASSers for participating and their achievements of the STEM contest by the Department of Science & Technology and the Department of Education & Training this year.

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