A presentation is not that hard

On Wednesday morning, February 15th 2017, WASSers studied how to implement their ideas and work on the topic of “A presentation is not that hard” which is going to be held this March. The lesson promises to bring forward many ideas and topic from the students.

Presentating is an important skill that helps students develop logical thinking, express ideas effectively and especially to improve their confidence in public speaking. The project “A presentation is not that hard” is a useful format for WASSers to become confident public speakers and to help develop their thinking about “hot” topics in society. Within 6 weeks, the students will be instructed further on how to work in groups, how to choose a suitable topic, and how to develop ideas and express their thoughts through tools such as in PowerPoint, Prezi and posters.

To support the students, on February 15th, teachers introduced the students to useful tools and methods to develop their work such as brainstorming and mind mapping. Following-up on what the teachers said, the student groups quickly thought up many “hot social issues” such as family violence and school violence, and then brainstormed how to further explore these topics…

At the end of the class, the teachers helped the students to analyze, evaluate, and suggest new ideas for their presentations. We believe that WASSers found this class to be very useful and practical while at the same time developing their self confidence and greater awareness of social issues.

WASSers, let’s look back at interesting photos of the day’s lesson!

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