Being grateful for the simplest things

Among the countless skills and qualities that we need to teach our children, gratitude stood out as one of the most important ones. Being grateful helps children establish good relationship with others as well as adapt to their environment. Gratitude, representing your respect, is expressed by sincere actions and words for the things we have. Children who say “thank you” will receive more wonderful presents of life.

Adults have to become role models if we want to educate children the virtue of gratitude and compassion. To help our students understand this, WASS teachers always try to say “thank you” and express our gratitude for one another in front of them. Moreover, teachers often tell the children many real stories about gratitude and express their thanks if students help them do something.

Furthermore, all teachers focus on teaching our children how to express their gratefulness with verbal words or daily actions. For instance, if someone tidy up their desk or give students toys and sweets, children will say thank you and share with their friends. Especially, in the lessons and activities at school, teachers will give the students some opportunities to show their appreciation, such as making cards and gifts for their teachers, friends and parents for their birthday or anniversaries.

Children who say “thank you” and do small good deeds like this will gradually form the virtue of gratitude. This requires the right educational methods and parents’ as well as teachers’ patience and delicacy. Teaching children the act of gratefulness also equals teaching children to enjoy the beauty of their life.

                                                         Ms. Nguyen Thi Diem Suong – Homeroom teacher of Class 3C


This slowly passing by November is regarded as the month of appreciation – the month of expressing our gratitude for our caretakers. Life will be so much better if everyone has gratitude for the wonderful things around us.

Express your gratefulness in the closest and most sincere way so that we and the receiver will both feel delighted. This applies especially to parents and teachers, who are our closest ones that always take care of us and give us valuable lessons. There are many different ways to show our gratitude, such as obeying our parents, paying attention in class and not being naughty or talking too much in class, etc. These are the simple actions to accompany with your words of gratitude.

In the Kangaroo class, two handsome boys dedicatedly made cards for their mother. Even though they are boys, cutting, sticking or color scheming was no difficult task for them. At the end of the class, the teacher asked them: “Do you have anything to say to your mom today?”. Both of them stood quietly for a bit, and then replied: “Maybe we will thank her for bearing and taking care of us”.

As you can see, it takes very little to make our beloved ones happy. And they are truly worthy of our appreciation and respect.

Believe in the goodness that is always among us. Life will open its magical doors for us when we know how to express our sincere gratitude.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Uyen Ngan – Homeroom teacher of Penguin class



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